Monday, August 11, 2014

Status August 11, 2014

Don't change your message just because there is some wise cracker standing off to the side screaming how you are not perfect either..... Hey, Listen up... none of us are perfect but that does not change the Word! Preach what God gives you to preach.


  1. "Life is far too short to worry AT ALL what Anyone is saying about us... We flat out don't give it a a second look.... Firm up.. Stand in faith.. Move forward...You have to be willing to take the slams to make a difference... See you at the finish line....." Pastor Len Paxton..

  2. "I have come to realize over the past months; I am not too much concerned if people agree with what I preach or not....... I am very concerned if God agrees....." Pastor Len Paxton.

  3. Glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.. in all things.....