Thursday, September 11, 2014

Updates Coming Soon.

Due to some issues beyond our control, it will take us a little time to bring you an update of the events this past weekend in PA. We will be posting the updates as soon as we can.. God Bless you and please remember to Pray for America.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Thursday night August 28 Intercessors meeting

We kicked off the final events for August with an intercessors meeting in Muncie Indiana. As we gathered in the hotel meeting room I could sense that God had spent the entire day birthing the message He wanted me to deliver that evening From EZ 34-39... Prophetic prayer was the order of the evening as we began to seek the Lord for America and the nations of the world. Speaking to things in the realm of Spirit we began to receive revelation as to how we needed to be praying. I love the way the Lord works in this area. This led into a word to begin calling out for our unsaved friends and loved and God told me to also share that on FB and call out the names of unsaved people. Here was my FB post: "God has been stirring in my spirit all day that He wants people to know and understand how very much He wants to save their loved ones and He said to start calling them by name before the Throne.. If u would like us to join in faith and prayer with u for your loved ones send Angie or I their names. God is about to do the Miraculous ..."

Indeed we did begin to see the miraculous take place. Here was just one subsequent FB post: "Someone was going to write and didn't that they have a daughter who has run away from home: we join in agreement here in the cornfields of Indiana and WE CALL HER HOME IN THE NAME OF JESUS!"  and "We are here in this altar tonight and many are texting wayward loved , calling out their names, or writing them on slips of paper. God just spoke to my heart and said PERSEVERE AND MAKE SURE WHAT U SAY ABOUT THESE PEOPLE LINES UP WITH WHAT YOU PRAY FOR THESE PEOPLE.."

That absolutely captures the tenure of the entire evening as we Believe God did miracles. If you were impacted by this either in the service of on FB, we would like you to please send us your testimony. We are looking forward to more ministry this weekend in Philly and other locations in PA.. 

History Events of the Weekend

The history part of the weekends events took us to several historical locations in Indiana.. Ft. Wayne, Hartford City, Matthews, Gosport, and several other stops along the trail. From pre revolution thru Modern day history Indiana has a truly rich heritage and well worth the time to go see. Voice overs to pics will be forthcoming this Fall.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Disciple in Indiana

The Indiana events with Disciple were awesome... The band did all their favorites and some new songs from their soon to be released project "Attack".. Lead singer Kevin Young is also quite a preacher and gave a great message at the show. Many souls saved and lives changed for Jesus.. These are the kinds of bands we love to support. It was a great way to kick off the labor day weekend.