Saturday, November 5, 2016

October Nuggets From My Facebook Page

theopneustos: Greek for God breathed... Every Word from His mouth is the sustenance that keeps us alive; keeps us running toward the God sized dream placed with us... He tells us live ; but die first! Because a life lived in Him can never die... Self is the dream blocker; the enemy of Life.. The curtains rise and the curtains fall but He is the Grace behind it all... There is no reason to play it safe when the power of safe is out there on the water... C'mon friends lets get out of our boats together and....... run to meet Him....( From message one in my series on Mark's book: Chase The Lion) Please enjoy the Lion Chaser Manifesto by Mark Batterson I am posting.... remember: Get out of the boat, Claim that mountain, Run to The roar, and Chase that Lion.......

Often you will find Faithfulness is spelled R. I. S. K.... God moves when the odds are against you.. Dare to dream and watch God paint His purposes on the canvass of your heart.. I resolved a long time ago to quit living like I have forever.... Throw caution to the wind and let God do mighty exploits in and through me today!! What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail has become more than a cliche with me. It's Gods story being written in me.. Run to the roar; fight for the dream until your sword freezes to your hand, with the word , defend the ground He has given you : and advance at His leading!! Risk when God is in it always pays off by putting you in the center of His Will. ... #ChaseTheLion. (from my second message based on Mark Battersons new book: Chase The Lion.)

God has always desired to gather people who would give themselves wholeheartedly to Him , be His Witnesses, and Proclaim His message.." (Ed Stetzer) .. The message is Repentance of sin and Forgiveness of Christ for our sins.... Anytime it becomes something other than repentance and forgiveness , then the Gospel is lost in the process of doing church.. The Local Church is a releasing agent, every member participating in one common goal; a gospel saturated people taking the good news to the world through a variety of tools..... #ChurchWorks

When Missionary John Paxton (a cousin from my direct line) landed in the New Hebrides in the 1800's he began translating the New Testament for the inhabitants. He was somewhat perplexed on how to communicate the concept of 'Believe' to them due to the language barrier. So one day he leaned back on a chair and saw that that simple act-- is one concept of believe.. To Place Your Entire weight upon something! He did not use a broken down chair but one that was strong and sturdy... Why? The answer is obvious. The object of your faith (believing) is very important... Friends, as Christians we do not serve a decrepit savior but One who is strong and Sturdy.. One who has defeated every power of Hell at the Cross.. As we put all our weight on Him He will hold us up in the storms of our lives.... (An expert from an upcoming book)

For 2000 years the Gospel has been about Jesus and His great love for the human race. Man has made an idol out of his basest needs and desires.. Those traits inherited at the fall are often still in the drivers seats even after professing Christ for years down the road.. Why ? Because we don't easily see what the Gospel actually teaches is a death to 'self'.. The Gospel is not a way to improve self and gain it legitimacy.. Jesus sets us free from the fall and its tangled vines of bondage.. This is one reason I believe in give to give instead of give to get.. (and I could touch on 10,000 other issues) ... I encourage you today to put away your idols.. I can encourage you to do it but God demands that you do it. Serve only the real Jesus of the Bible. Reject those who have exploited and made merchandise of you… Cling to the cross with every fiber of your being.. Run to the cross… Jesus, The real Jesus, will meet you there.

God doesn't come to take sides in your squabbles: He comes to take over!! Joshua 5:12-14

Most who claim to have great discernment really mean they have the gift of a critical spirit..

Making the most of every precious moment of life on earth.. LIFE IS SHORT BUT ETERNITY IS LONG……Love someone today who is unlovable.. Take the time to enjoy the mountains, lakes, forests,rivers,and cities… Smell the roses so to speak… Every rose has a thorn but they sure smell sweet and are beautiful. So is life in Jesus Christ. I want to make doubly certain that Jesus receives ALL the glory for anything accomplished in and through my short life here on earth. Everyday, going to the cross to lay down to the death any ego, pride, self,etc… that could possibly rob Him of His glory.

Good morning from Lynchburg friends!! While taking time to gather my thoughts from the wonderful impartation of yesterday I feel the Lord saying to me: "Make every moment count for souls". Sometimes it's something simple like a smile , a Word in season, or helping to meet a physical need. Other times it may be preaching a difficult message but one God wants to use to transform someone. Or it may just be behaving myself in a Godly, Christlike way because the world is watching!! Whatever the situation requires; help me today Lord to slow down and Hear From You.. Here is something Pastor Jonathan Falwell said , "living life in a whirlwind rarely leads to accomplishment".. Have a great day my friends!! Jesus is coming soon.. Keep looking up!!!