Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas

As we celebrate ( thats what mas means= celebration... CHRIST mas= Christ celebration) our Saviors birth... we look ever forward to His soon coming return... He is not coming back first to Chicago, Detroit, or LA..... He is returning for us in the air and then 7 yrs later, He is , along with us touching down in Jerusalem Israel....... God help America under the Trump administration to stand with Israel once again... Praying for Israel today... Praying for family and friends... Praying for Revival to sweep our poor beleaguered world.. Our Hope truly does lie in One person..... JESUS CHRIST!! So with my heart full of these sentiments I wish you all a very Merry Christ Celebration......

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Exciting News About 2017

Hey everyone. Today, Wednesday Dec. 7, 2016 I had a very good conversation with Garry Sims of Hope Aglow Prison Ministry based out of Lynchburg VA.  For many years we have desired to work closely with a dedicated and proven prison ministry and we are super stoked to be connecting with Hope Aglow starting in 2017.. They are active in one way or another in prisons in all 50 states....Acts 26:18 Ministries will be collecting cash and Books and Bibles for them at the first, as well as periodically preaching in Prisons in certain states to be disclosed at a later date..  I will keep you all updated as to our distribution efforts. Right now we have over 350 books and Bibles that I (Len) will be taking to VA in early 2017.. By the time we go to distribute that number will be much higher and I am very busy right now putting a collection team together.. You can email me for details if you think you may want to be on a team....

There are also 3 other prison ministries we will be trying to make connection with during the upcoming year.. This is our new project addition for 2017. Of Course we will continue to keep up with most of the projects we launched in 2016 with the top one being the TRO camp.. I personally hope to surpass 2016 giving to the camp in 2017... We also support Perry Stone Ministries in a larger way. We will continue to preach revivals and we are booking dates right now so get with me if you want to book a meeting.. In 2017, we will be expanding our broadcast media outreaches too... New sermons, interviews, and guest speakers in addition to my own messages........

I will do my best to keep updating each of our several project areas.... Please pray about faithfully sowing into this ministry as my partner...In early January several more announcements will be shared here on the connect site...  Together we can reach farther in 2017!!

Here is a nugget as I close this brief update:   One of the blights of the modern church is MacDonald faith; Microwave Instant blessings... We often want what we want and we want it now.... I've learned through the years that seldom does God operate like that... Oh He can, and sometimes He Does. But often there is a growth process called Wait: I have had to wait and tarry in prayer for the salvation of souls in the meetings (I have no idea how many through the years but over a thousand in the past 3 years, Ah Practice.) I have sometimes had to tarry and wait in His presence for my own personal needs.... Generally I ask no one but the Lord... And He has never let me down!! Waiting on God may be the hardest thing in the world sometimes, but if you think about it, He's the only one worth waiting on. Trust Him. It'll be worth your wait........

The Lord will never let you down....

Much Love,

Thursday, December 1, 2016

FB Highlights from the past week.-- New Radio Shows Coming

Many are asking me if God has been talking to me about events taking place in our country and around the world at this time... it's always a challenge to shut out the voices of the many in order to hear the Lords still small voice.. for the past week I have been about doing just that and yes, I believe God has put a strong word within me. In praying about this I believe I am to release these words on a live radio program so we will be continuing in prayer, putting these together for the next few days.. I can tell you this at this time: Don't abandon your post of intercession, the cultural war is far from over.. The globalist will not just disappear.. This is the clash of light vs darkness... secondly, We are nearer to the return of Jesus than we dare realize... before He comes, perilous times will arise and you need to be in the house of God, the Word of God, under the Blood and in fasting and prayer.. God has given me many more things and so keep watching for the live program announcements.. Also, a huge thanks to those who have followed the ministry, linked us to their sites and shares our material... next year I pray to do projects with those people.. God bless!!!

I thank God everyday for believers who refuse to close their eyes to the truth because it's "too painful" for them to endure. Whatever happened to Holy stamina? Blessings to you all.. you are very important to Angie and myself.. the Lord showed us a few things about some folks this week and I am glad He did. Those who turn on you at the drop of a hat only serve to free up previously spoken for ministry funds to sow into projects that put the Kingdom ahead of personal agendas... thanks for hanging with us.. God has great things ahead even in the midst of chaos..

Things are not going to get better and better in this world.... read your Bible folks! It's up to you to resist fear not demand that Gods messengers shut up!! It's up to you to stand in the evil day. God will empower you..

There is a godly fear that will move men toward repentance.. the real cause of ungodly fear is the fact that many have perverted the true Gospel and turned it into a message of comfort and ease... people expect the Christian life to be easy under self promoting theology.. God never promised anyone easy!!

I really need those pure of heart to continue to stand with us because some of what I have to say I really do not want to. It will be difficult.. I am going to rally those who show they believe in our vision and truly understand the seriousness of our times and deepen connections with them in 2017.. The all in........ I love all believers but as there is only so much of me to go around I must select carefully those I can count on and those with whom to share my heart. The Lord talked with me about this before He gave me some words to speak and 2 dreams I have had just this week..

My friends, stay on the wall!! Keep praying against the attacks of the enemy that are coming rapidly.... Pray that the recounts are not tampered with because if they are not they will go for Trump!! Pray that the corruption of the left will be exposed.. And above all else, pray that revival will fall and sweep millions into repentance and the Kingdom of God!! Jesus is coming soon.. Don't give up the fight!!!