Monday, May 28, 2018

Some Truth Nuggets From My FB

You are the only Bible some people are reading right now! Does your life reflect Christ and true Holiness or does your life reflect compromise with the world? You can’t have revival dancing with the devil or seeing how much sin and compromise you can get by with. I believe with all my heart God will give us revival only at the level and depth of our repentance!

Who will take a stand on the firing line with me and boldly declare in this age of compromise which sadly has crept into the church like a fox sneaking into the hen house, that the only valid biblical position on alcohol is abstinence!! Booze is an iniquity. According to Scofields notes in which he accurately gives one definition of iniquity: it is an act inherently wrong whether expressly forbidden or not!! (Scofield note on Romans 3:23).. Look at what the garbage produces and endorse it to your own peril.. is there anyone left who will not compromise on this issue?
The way of faith causes you to go forward in life. The way of compromise causes you to go backwards. The way of faith enables you to remain patient and endure to the end – cleaving to, trusting in, and relying upon God to see you through. Those who have chosen the way of compromise end up drawing back, quitting, and turning their backs on God’s Word.
The way of compromise “seems right” and “appears straight,” but notice the outcome is DEFEAT AND DESTRUCTION.” It produces undesirable fruit in one’s life, and it always appears to be justifiable. Jesus illustrates in His teachings that to choose the way of compromise is to choose the way of the FOOL, and to choose the way of faith is to choose the way of the WISE. The only way to go Forward in a world going backwards is to walk in the ways of God... By Faith........ God has prepared us our whole lifetime for Such A Time As This!!

It’s alarming at the number of Christians that condone even promote the casual use of alcohol. If you are really full of and led by the Holy Spirit you’d leave it completely alone!!

If You can't be spoken to, you cant be spoke through.. Those who cannot receive guidance and correction can never be used by God to the degree He desires to use them.. Difference makers are those who listen and learn from both the Holy Spirit and others who have been Living for God a long time... Every believer needs a Pastor and the other 5 fold ministry gifts as well..

Thursday, May 10, 2018