Monday, March 27, 2017

Carter Conlon - Facing A Moment Of Bitter Division

It is our belief that every single Christian needs to hear and heed this message... Those who are causing Division in Churches, in ministry need to REPENT before its too late... Please watch and be challenged by this message by one of our favorite pastors..

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Radio and Podcast

Here are some of the comments about our live radio programs... Click On Picture to make it bigger.... .... Always great music and a fresh word.  You can sub to the program here: Jesus Revolution With Len And Angie.   Tell your friends about the show and also our sermon and teaching podcast here:Old Time Power.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Horatius Bonar : One I admire

Horatius Bonar was born in Edinburgh on December 19th, 1808. He was one of seven boys, three of which entered upon gospel ministry (John James, Horatius, and Andrew) in their early years. He was ordained a minister in the Church of Scotland on November 30th, 1837, and was later given charge over the North Parish Church in Kelso. Bonar was counted among the dissenting ministers who left the Established Church to form the Free Church of Scotland in what was known as the Disruption of 1843. In 1866 he accepted a call to pastor in Edinburgh at the newly erected Chalmers Memorial Church. He was one in a long line of ministers in the Bonar family. In the May 1908 edition of The Scotsman magazine, they estimated that the Bonar descendants (John Bonar 1671-1747) served a total of 364 years in the pulpits of Scottish churches. From the pulpit, Bonar’s message was simple and clear: he preached a crucified and risen Christ, whose righteousness alone was the only hope of sinners. He was adept in the exposition of a free gospel through the necessary sovereign workings of the Holy Spirit. His presentation always placed an emphasis on the urgent and immediate necessity of leaving one’s sin and coming to Christ; and this as the only means of reconciliation between man and God. In a rare autobiographical piece, Dr. Bonar wrote of his theology: “Righteousness without works to the sinner, simply on his acceptance of the Divine message concerning Jesus and His sufficiency,–this has been the burden of our good news…It is one message, one gospel, one cross, one sacrifice, from which nothing can be taken and to which nothing can be added. This is the…beginning and the ending of our ministry.”

Horatius Bonar was born at Old Broughton, Edinburgh, Scotland, whose brother was Andrew Bonar. Following his education at the University of Edinburgh, he maintained an active and powerful ministry for more than half a century pastoring churches in that area until his death. Throughout his life Bonar avoided all sensationalism and was calm, patient, sincere, solemn and a steady writer. His tracts and books are well-received and well-read in all Christian circles. He wrote well over 600 hymns of which more than 100 are still in use. Bonar has been described as "the prince of Scottish hymn-writers." 
He was a voluminous and highly popular author. He also served as the editor for "The Quarterly journal of Prophecy" from 1848 to 1873 and for the "Christian Treasury" from 1859 to 1879. In addition to many books and tracts wrote a number of hymns, many of which, e.g., "I heard the voice of Jesus say" and "Blessing and Honour and Glory and Power," became known all over the English-speaking world.

False Hopes Of Heaven by Len Paxton

This is another of our classic audio messages with pictures to make a video.. Another of our most requested messages in the ministries history..

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Where The True Church Goes

This is the audio of a classic message I preached in 2001.. It was one of our most requested messages... We put pics with it to make it into a video.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Nuggets From My Recent FB posts

I don't say this unkindly but I say it.... Preachers who do not preach the Cross and the Blood rob their people of the deliverance they need.... Those who refuse to take a stand on the Word of God in order to have numbers are hirelings instead of shepards..... Ministers who are focused on getting the credit are spiritually bankrupt.... and if these issues are not addressed and the sleepy church in the USA doesn't repent and hit the Altar of Prayer our Nation will be in serious trouble... Please stop trying to sound like Dr. Phil and preach like the Apostle Paul and the Prophets of old.. This Generation is depending on you.. This may well be the last line of defense...

Todays esoteric prophets (so called) who are basing their walk with God on experiences and extra biblical "revelation" rather than on the Word, the Cross, and the Blood of Jesus; are conditioning the church for the greatest deception in recorded history.

I do not care if a Church has 50,000 people in it; that doesn't mean that God is there. If there is no conviction of sin; if there is no repentance; if there are no changed lives; If the message is "self" GOD IS NOT IN IT.....

"Do this and live, the law commands, but gives me neither feet nor hands..... A better Word the Gospel brings.. It bids me fly and gives me wings.." (An unknown poet)....Wings in Scripture often refers to Supernatural Power.. Romans 6:14 "For Sin shall not have dominion over you: For you are not under Law, But under Grace."......The glorious Provisions of the New Covenant guarantee the believer the Victory of Christ by Grace through Faith.......

The main message of the church is not to be ‘ We’re a nice, pretty place; you’ll like us.’ Rather the message should be ‘ This is a Holy place where sin is despised and if you will embrace Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, you will have victory over sin.’ "For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace." (Romans 6:14)
That day will probably start out like any other; business as usual on planet earth. But then, as jagged forks of lightning rip through the eastern sky; a trumpet will sound in the heavens and we will be translated in the twinkling of an eye. Meeting Jesus in the air… Its gonna happen; ready or not…… How many is ready for that Blessed Hope? Can I get a witness....?

In this modern and sophisticated age in which we live, sin is still sin.... The wages of sin is still death (Rom. 6:23)... The soul that sins will still die (Eternal Separation From God Ezekiel 18:20) .... All men are still born sinners because of the Fall... (Romans 3:23) AND Gods answer to this terrible problem we all face is still JESUS CHRIST.. (Acts 4:12) (1 Peter 2:24).... This being the case its very important that each of us who are saved begin to lift up the Name of Jesus, share our faith and testimony, and win souls as never before.. The Lord told us He would give the Holy Spirit to help us do this.. Lets not get off track with numerous side issues while the world goes to hell... Preach JESUS... Proclaim JESUS, Exalt JESUS..... He will take care of the rest...... 

I love something Jonathan Edwards said, " Christ does not sell Himself to us for our righteousness or anything we can do for Him. He offers Himself to us freely," so thankful that Jesus loves us so much!! This love is what prompts us to live Holy lives and walk humbly with our God.. may the God of Grace bless your Lords Day!! Peace!

When you declare with boldness and confidence that any other message
than Jesus Christ and Him Crucified is "another gospel"; you may be
called arrogant, prideful, divisive, etc... But turn a deaf ear... Keep
proclaiming the Cross with confidence... JESUS IS BETTER..... Don't go Back to Law.......

When we imitate our Lord in laying down our lives for others; we will find ourselves in the midst of a fuller sense of HIS peace, power, and presence... We are coming so close to HIS return. Lets go for broke and we will be amazed at what the Holy Spirit will accomplish through obedient vessels......

God Bless You my Friends....