Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Testimonies from You Tube and Nuggets

Praise God everybody, we wanted to take this time and share another testimoney from our You Tube Video Devotions. Angie and I are so thankful God is using them to help people and change lives.

Here Is One from Australia,
Hi I just wanted to say thank you for producing these awesome YouTube clips. I stumbled on "There is a River Whose Streams Shall Make Glad" and I ended up watching many other videos by Len. His preaching about peace and liberty in Christ is helping me immensely.

I was experiencing these terrifying encounters with what I thought was the Holy Spirit, but instead of peace I felt this kind of terror and doom coming over me. I have always known the presence of God since when I was small but this made me think I had committed some incredible sin. I am starting to think it is actually some other kind of spirit trying to deceive me, and the Holy Spirit is not majorly upset with me, or perhaps even not upset with me at all. Anyhow meditating on the love and peace and forgiveness of God by watching Len preach is really helping me.
Thank you for producing these clips

Michael  from Perth Australia.

another from the USA
Hi Bro Len and Angie,

God bless you.

I subscribe to your YouTube page for your devotionals. I enjoy them and have found them to be Biblically sound and trustworthy. 
 M from USA
Again, We are  so thankful.......

Here are some nuggets from my recent social media.

I believe we must realize that the only way to find the peace, joy, and happiness the scriptures promise is to be more like Jesus... to take His teachings literally and pursue His Life... The Reason the early Church was so full of God is because they were so empty of self. Failure doesn't need to be fatal.... we can live in the power of the Holy Spirit.... but if we don't take God at His Word and have Faith in Him and It, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes we desperately hope to avoid. In 2020, Make Church a Priority, make the Word a priority... Not the Word as you interpret it but The Word as He gives it.... Trust What Christ has done and Taught.... Allow the Holy Spirit to take over!!" We Hope You Attend Church this weekend... God Bless You All..

Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it. (John 2:5). If you really want to serve Christ, do not do what you suggest to yourself, but do what He commands you. —— Charles Spurgeon from Following Christ page 4.

“You cannot have Christ if you will not serve Him. If you take Christ, you must take Him in all His qualities. You must not simply take Him as a friend, but you must also take Him as your Master” Charles Spurgeon in Following Christ , page 1

Jesus calls us to get up and get out of our houses; places where we have control, and go present ourselves in Church to worship Him and be challenged to get involved.

The pomp and idol worship going on in much of organized religion today is abhorrent to God. Jesus Christ is not to be manipulated and used as a means to an end. He is King of kings and Lord of lords!! It’s all about JESUS

We Hope your week is Jesus Centered and until next time, we love you... 

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Nuggets and Announcements Jan. 2 2020

Hey Everybody, Happy New Year 2020!!!!!
We intended to upload a special message on Friday Jan, 3 however our connections are having some technical issues. We should have them resolved shortly but another message will be posted tomorrow on the Old Time Power Podcast..

I do want to make you aware of some new announcements here however... This is especially important for our friends, supporters, and monthly partners.
We have been praying for about 2 years about our social media.. We feel its the Lords timing to make some cuts to our use of social media for various reasons pertinent to stewardship. Last Fall, I cut out 100% of my Instagram use. Starting Now the following cuts will go into place: Twitter:10%,  USA Life: 25%, Facebook: 60 to 70%.  There will be No Cuts in our Use to the following sites. YouTube (at this time).. No cut... Our Connect site: No Cut... Old Time Power Podcast on Podbean: No Cut......
I will be mentioning this on some upcoming messages and give more to the specifics as to why the Lord led us to do this.

Here is what we need from those of you that follow our ministry for the teachings both audio and/or video..... Please send us your email address and your mailing address so we can minister and keep in touch with you in these ways not related to social media. You can email me at office@acts2618.com. We will not send out more than 1 email per week and at first, less than that. And we will not send you fund raising emails. Again I will be talking about this throughout the year and explaining it.

Here are some nuggets from the past I want to leave you with....

As we live in these exciting times, we must focus our attention on Jesus Christ and anticipate His return. We must be faithful disciples, making soul-winning a active and vital part of our lives. We have a message that others need to hear. We must share it while there is still time.

Here is a powerful verse in Jeremiah: Thus says the Lord; Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; Then you will find rest for your souls. But they said, we will not walk in it. (Jeremiah 6:16).... I have determined in my heart not to say no to Christ and His ways in favor of what the crowd wants! It’s my firm belief that God is raising up a people in these last days willing to be weaned away from the things of the world and ready to turn their backs on sin completely!! As we give thanks let us remember to be thankful for where He brought us from and patiently seek Gods will for the future. I believe that the rapture is very close and I want to be found pleasing in the Lords sight when He returns

Church, we were never called to entertain the world wrongly assuming that it would make them desire the things of God. What you compromise to gain you will ultimately lose. What you and I need is a move of Gods Holy Spirit one more time. Let’s return to preaching the Word of God under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. It takes the power of God to draw people to Christ. All of the tricks of a weak backslidden church has not worked because it cannot work. The only thing that brings people to Christ is a church that exalts the Cross of Christ and preaches and lives by the Blood of Jesus. Oh God Almighty May our preachers no longer cave to the pressure of the threats of this godless society. Give your people a voice one more time. Let us return to prayer and stand firmly on the ground God has given us in and by His Word. Take us back to those old time revivals and prayer meetings. Birth some today oh God. Help us to tell this generation that God still loves you and you can still repent and receive forgiveness..Move among us Holy Spirit. Help us to live the truth.. in Jesus Name... 

Many who have stood through great trouble and conquered, later found themselves defeated because of sloppy spiritual conduct in times of seeming peace. Our confidence can never rest in the accomplishments or achievements of the past, but only in our continual place in the presence of God. Be sure to maintain an intimate relationship with the Lord daily. God bless you friends!!

Praise God!! So again my friends, Happy New Year 2020 and we look forward to ministering to people on a more personal level than ever before.. Thank You Partners for all you are doing.. God Bless You