Friday, September 14, 2018

Upcoming Message

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I must say I agree with Pastor Jonathan 100% on this..
Very soon I will be working on my new project, a series of messages, one of which is titled "The Christian And Alcohol"...

Who will take a stand on the firing line with me and boldly declare in this age of compromise which sadly has crept into the church like a fox sneaking into the hen house, that the only valid biblical position on alcohol is abstinence!! Booze is an iniquity. According to Scofields notes in which he accurately gives one definition of iniquity: it is an act inherently wrong whether expressly forbidden or not!! (Scofield note on Romans 3:23).. Look at what the garbage produces and endorse it to your own peril.. is there anyone left who will not compromise on this issue?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

End Of Summer Nuggets From My FB

We are so excited to know that we are drawing ever closer to the coming of Jesus.. we run this race with hearts full of gratitude and praise for all the wonderful blessings the Lord has provided in this life. We strive to guard our hearts and minds in order to clearly hear Gods voice as we reap and glean in these last days harvest fields.. it’s a great day to be alive!! I pray I might encourage you to share your faith today, pray earnestly for His will, and live Holy!!

all believers join together in proclaiming Christ and Him Crucified to a lost and dying world. We are no longer satisfied with the status quo of “church as usual” nor the hum drum of mere religion: we pursue a radical, life changing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ on a daily basis... We renounce sin...We come out from among the world and live separate lives unto God...No longer will substances that cause bondage be tolerated in our lives and bodies... We will raise His praise and not wring our hands.. We look up; not around.. we don’t take polls as to which verses of the Bible are popular... Never Compromise or change what you preach to have a friend....We are not an echo: We are a voice.

One of the biggest problems I see in our world today is that so many people want to have Jesus on their terms..They want to pick and choose which parts of the truth of the word of God they like, play footloose with the world and still think its ok... But God will have none of that.. we must come on HIS terms!! The power of the shed Blood of Jesus will change a life and conform the believer into the image of Christ a little at a time until we go to be in His presence... Because of Calvary; ANYONE can be set free from ANYTHING at ANYTIME...... Thank God for the Blood of Jesus.

Grace has been given to help you defeat sin not to enjoy it!! (ROM 6) !! The position of the child of God is still to be separated from the world!! (2 Cor 6: 14-18). Not isolated but definitely separated!!! There should be a marked difference between the Christian and the world!! You and I as believers are to live our lives unto the Lord and His Grace will empower us to live in victory as the Holy Spirit conforms us into the image of Christ...

If you are a believer that doesn’t go to church, picks and chooses which verses you like and obey, drinks alcohol, plays the ponies, doesn’t give to the work of God, etc.... I hate to tell you... but you are on the broad road that leads to destruction.. now there is still time for you to get off that broad road and walk on the narrow road of Gods Holiness.. don’t wait until time runs out!! The Holy Spirit will help you if your faith is in Christ and Him crucified!! God has a glorious plan for your life. He doesn’t give grace so that mankind can keep doing wrong and bad things. The Grace of God will free you to be holy and empower you to live right and be a witness for Him in this late hour. The church of today desperately needs narrow road and late hour Theology once again.. it’s so awesome that we are free in Jesus to do what God desires and sin can no longer dominate us.. let’s trust Christ today and plead the Blood for His best in our lives.. don’t quit; don’t give up, your victory and deliverance is just ahead..

The Bible does not portray a "self" help Jesus, teaching Man to figure out his problems...... Jesus is the Perfect sin offering; He died to save Man... And the Bible teaches Faith in HIM... The Victory That overcomes the world is Our Faith in Him..The real Jesus of the the Bible; the Jesus of the Cross.....

Grace is so much more powerful than sin. It only took 1 sin to damn the human race. Thats powerful.... But Jesus, after "many sins (compounded) of Mankind, by His One offering of Himself on the Cross; redeemed the human race and all who will believe can partake of that redemption....That is all powerful.... Rom.5:12-21

The urgency in my spirit on this verse has never been greater.... When my time comes to be with the Lord I want to leave from the field somewhere..We cannot conquer the challenges that lay ahead unless we yield ourselves to a dynamic supernatural invasion from Heaven of courage, hope, love, and faith. If we can believe, God will do it.. God is not a liar.. The Harvest is coming In.... Jesus Is coming Soon... My only plans are to keep on preaching this blessed glorious Gospel.....

every day I can sense very strongly that in spite of the difficulty of the days in which we live, God is drawing His people closer to Himself. The days are coming to a close and The Lord is weening His Children from the things of this earth... Look up, Your redemption draws near.....

If there is no difference between the way you live and the way the world lives; you probably aren’t saved. God still calls us to be separated from the world and to come out from among them!! Live Holy lives and put away sin by putting on Christ.. Grace is for those who acknowledge their sin and need for the savior.. I am thankful for the friends and family members who partner with this ministry and give to help me proclaim this message of the true Gospel to the world... God bless you!!