Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Puritan Prayer

This is a selection of Puritan Writings of Prayer and Devotion contained in "The Valley Of Vision".
It is my strong desire that we in the church today once again begin to learn Christian Life Lessons from the depths of richness found in these humble servants of God..
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On Eagles Wings by Len Paxton

Friday, April 21, 2017

Horatius Bonar Quotes On Christian Life (part 1)

I wanted to drop by and share this great quote from page 29 of Follow The Lamb by Horatius Bonar.

" If you have gifts, use them quietly and modestly, not ostentatiously.. Do not be forward to tell your experience, or give your opinion, or to take rank above your seniors.. Do not think that all zeal or wisdom is confined to you and a few about you..  Do not condemn others because they do not quite go along with you in all things;  nor speak of them as cold, dead or unspiritual..... Do not think that no one cares for souls but yourself.... and that no one can state the Gospel or pray like you do..... or that God is not likely to bless anyone like He blesses you.... Learn to be lowly.."

WOW!~! How different is that than the modern Christians use of Social media today?

Here is another quote by Horatius Bonar.......  also on page 29 of Follow The Lamb......

"If God Puts work into your hands, do it; and do it faithfully, through good report or bad report.... Bear to be contradicted and spoken against........ Do not fret when things go wrong with you or your schemes;  nor get petted like a spoilt child when you dont get your own way; nor fling up everything in disgust when you happen to be thwarted...."

Again, Do you see the difference from the soft believers of today....???

Here is a final quote for today by Bonar... Page 28 of Follow The Lamb..

"Let Us be truly humble, as was the son of God;  content to live unknown, and to do our work unnoticed, as a work not for the eyes of man, but for the eyes of God..""

Bonar is one of my very favorite writers of the 1800's. I long for the days when Christians major once again on the Strength that is to be found In Christ instead of majoring on how hurt and wounded they are.. A return to the teachings of the Puritans as found in the Bible are a help to this generation to do just that.. These majored on Gods Word, not their feelings.....


A Prophecy and Prayer for ISRAEL Psalm 83

We as Christians, are committed to pray for Israel.....

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Possessing The Double (Free Audio Download)

TV Audio 2001.... The Cerimonial , Ritual, and Dietary Law has all been fulfilled and Abolished By Jesus Christ.. The Moral Law of God was reinstated by Jesus Christ but the way its kept by the Believer has been changed from Letter of the Law to "By The Spirit" upon proper Faith In Jesus Christ and Him Crucified... Free Downloads at Podbean..

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Our Ministry is on the Increase....

Dropping by to let my AZ friends know that we will be in Tucson AZ Sunday April 9th... Details following soon... Inbox for connection.. Here is a nugget from a recent message "We can preach real loud but if we do not know how to live right, love well, and be holy; separated from the wickedness of the age then we are miserable failures as Christians……
Christians who play with Pornography, Booze, dope, and half a thousand other devilish things are being robbed of their destiny by their own Lusts. We need to drive it out by the Grace of God!"...

We will also be in San Diego California April 10-14 and Felton (near Santa Cruz)  April 15 and 16.

Another of our newest projects is providing Bibles for China through Missionaries associated with American Bible Society In NY City.. Already the first of the funds has been sent out from this ministry. More will be coming... Hallelujah.. Also, The Prison Bibles and Books will continue on a monthly basis as well as missions cash from our ministry..

The TRO Camp Ministry and Guatemala, as well as Child Cry and Feeding New York will also be given Top Priority.

God has promised me a new platform with which to deal with many critical and urgent issues facing the Church.. So excited about increasing my speaking schedule.. We have now begun 2 prayer meetings a week at the ministry for this increase in our Ministry... Thank you to all who partner, share our posts, and follow closely the messages... You are certainly my best friends on the planet..
God Bless you,
Those who are so faithful in rejoicing with us over the anointing on our lives and the increase on the ministry are first in line for some new projects..... So excited... God bless...