Monday, July 31, 2017

Restocking Giveaway Bibles

These are pictures from a large youth event where we distributed Bibles and served as counselors.. Our Bible supply has been depleted so for the Months of August and September we are raising funds for Bibles for Youth and Bibles for Prisoners..

For everyone who can give a gift of $50 or more towards replenishing these Bible outreaches, I want to send you 3 of my newest radio messages on CD.. 1- The Plan Of God For The Life Of The Christian.... 2- Courage In The Chaos..... and 3- Motivation Matters......

You may give by using the Give To Our Ministry link on the right hand side in the links column. Please be sure to give your correct mailing address when you do..

Your help is urgently needed and greatly appreciated to reach into the lives of Young People and prisoners in the United States.

I want to leave you with the following nuggets........

One Thing I have learned in life is that it doesn't matter in the least who doesn't believe in you so much as the empowerment of the realization that JESUS DOES...... Serve Him.... Go for it..... All or nothing.......

Regrettably, Christianity is full of "Talking Heads"...... Listen, there is a huge difference between "Talking" commitment and "Being" committed..... You are going Nowhere fast if your Actions do not line up with your words.... Stop being lazy, uncommitted, grumbling, faultfinding, rebellious, do nothings...... and Get the Fire of the Holy Ghost propelling your life..........

It is not compromise to wrap your arms around an erring brother or sister and take them back to the altar of Christ (the Cross). Not forcing them into a second class Christianship; but simply helping them through to the forgiveness of Jesus and restoring them to ministry in the body.

Don't Let other peoples opinions and judgment calls about you bother you.......... If you do, you will never accomplish your purpose (s) in Christ....... Just open your heart before the Lord and obey Him... Allow the Holy Spirit to make you pleasing in His sight; Trust God.... and....... Go Forward.

Americas problem runs deeper than party politics...... Our deepest issue is a soul issue..... We have forgotten God days without number, turning to Him only to bail us out after our crisis moments and then going on our merry way; fiddling while Rome burns... Like drowsy beggars staring at the hands of a broken clock; God will bring payday--- someday......................

Believers, we are supposed to base every thing we believe on the Word of God...... Jesus said that a house divided can NOT stand... it is very sad that we do not have a mandate.... whoever wins will not carry a mandate into the new term..... We are sadly a deeply divided people and the ONLY thing that can reunite us is a return to the Cross of Christ and a moving of the Holy Spirit that will teach us once again biblical priorities of righteousness......

Why have I been so fortunate to have heard the Gospel so many times and millions have never heard once....... what a tremendous responsibility.. Jesus said to "Go" into all the world.

The Modern church that holds to its outlandish messages of Selfishness and greed can barely tolerate Christ's command to love their neighbor as themselves...... The Church better wake up and cling to the eternal values of Scripture and put aside the 'self' oriented values of a world that is truly Christ-less...... Without compassion,Mercy,and genuine concern for humanity, I fear that portions of the church are also "Christ-less"........

We have got to come to the realization in these last days: There is nothing wrong with being humbled and Broken. It is the most advantageous position for the Child of God...

God bless you all my friends... See You a little farther up the road....

Friday, July 28, 2017

Update To Vision Statement

Since 1981, Acts 26:18 Ministries and Len Paxton have been standing for the Preaching of the unchanged, Undiluted Gospel Of Jesus Christ.
May we always lift up Jesus Christ and exalt Him in our preaching. Let us reject unbiblical and superficial drivel and preach Christ centered; Christ honoring sermons from the pulpit.. The old saying says, “You can’t advertise a feast when there is no food on the table.”.. So many today are hungry for the reality of a living Jesus… They may not know it yet… Lets always give them life; always give them Christ…

We exist as a ministry to Preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to win souls for His Kingdom. Also to reach out to as many Pastors and churches as possible, to be a friend to them; an encouragement; speaking into their lives.
As we see many saved in our meetings, its our prayer that we will be able to plug as many of them as possible in to good, strong, Bible believing churches. Another directive we have from the Lord is, through our teaching ministry, to assist the Local church in the Discipleship of believers.

A strong direction that is being taken also is the connection between the Gospel and the History of our great Nation. With that in our hearts we are traveling to many old and historic churches once on fire for God now struggling and reaching out to Christians and Pastors there to facilitate prayer, preaching, and revival. The strength of Americas churches is tied directly to the strength of the Nation. When the churches were the center of our community life, America was a stronger moral nation. We believe that God wants to work this way again in America.

Of course, we continue our ministry efforts with the Camp ministry and the Prison outreach; Feeding outreach and also music Evangelism. Bible Distribution is at an all time high in Acts 26:18 Ministries.  All outreaches which have been approved by the board will continue to function normally on a day to day basis.

In future updates we will give reports on each of these ministry arms of Acts 26:18 Ministries.

For many years our ministry has been called Acts 26:18 Ministries.... "To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me." (Acts 26:18).... Our Passion, now more than ever is to preach the Blood, The Cross, and win souls to Jesus... To exalt and Lift His Name in our Generation.... To see precious souls go from Darkness To Light..... I am so thankful for all who are taking this journey with us!! We are called to declare the fact that men are sinners and God loves them and has provided a way for all to be saved, at least all who come God’s way. And that way is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. To preach anything else is to violate the sacred trust of the call....
So, preacher friend of mine, let us join together in calling America and the World back to the Cross of Christ.
Let us plead with men and women, boys and girls, to repent of their sins and run into the open arms of the savior today.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Historical/Gospel Tour Info Coming Soon

One of my very favorite things to do is to give Historical / Gospel Tours at various sites across the Country..  We will continue to dedicate significant time to this going forward..  Plus we have added stops at Historical churches where prayer for revival and short messages will be on my itinerary..

I will be talking much more about these things in days to come.. We firmly believe that America can have another great Awakening as the Body Of Christ calls upon God and turns from their sin...

Christianity is the religion that shaped America and made her what she is today. In fact, historically speaking, it can be irrefutably demonstrated that Biblical Christianity in America produced many of the cherished traditions still enjoyed today.. God is connecting our ministry to Pastors across this country as we pray for America and hold revival meetings...
Its fun to work with local Living History experts to make programs that can further the Revival Cause.. The last two times out we did shows at Natural Bridge and Patrick Henry's Red Hill..
In coming posts and videos I actually plan to share much more about this arm of the ministry..

So Today, I leave you all with this:  If we are going to be able to live victorious, overcoming, courageous lives in these days of uncertainty, chaos, and fear..... we will need to be calm in our hearts, loving and compassionate toward others, constructive and Christ centered in our relationships, challenged to grow in Him consistently,and connected to the Church!!! We are created to live in community not isolation.. The New Testament has many "One Another" and "Each Other" tasks for us.. ( encourage one another, love one another, bear with one another, to name three.) Today, go with God rejoicing!!! Many blessings!!  God Bless You all......  (Len)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

320 Prayer Campaign

Angie and I have joined the 320 Prayer team for this event..... Believing God for a tremendous Harvest in SoCal..
SoCal Harvest is an event that features musical performances by Crowder, Lecrae, Jeremy Camp, Jordin Sparks, Andy Mineo, Danny Gokey, Brennley Brown, worship by Phil Wickham, and a gospel message by Greg Laurie at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California.

Here is info on how your church can participate in the SoCal areaChurch

Here is a link to sign up for 320prayer320 Payer

Isaac Sowed in Famine

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th Of July

Happy 4th Of July weekend everyone!! As we celebrate the Freedoms God has blessed us with in this great Nation lets also remember the Freedom we have in Christ because of the Cross.. We are thankful we can Trust God completely with every moment of our lives on earth... As we remember Who God is and How very faithful He has always been to us even in the midst of our own weakness and times we fall short, We Are so encouraged to continue to depend on Him during new challenges; turning every day into an Adventure of Faith... Angie and I love you all....  
 Anyone who knows the Holy Spirit knows that all is not well in America... Satan is doing all he can to lull the church asleep and get her preoccupied with everything from worldly riches to internal power struggles and outright malicious sin.. While many churches are struggling to keep the doors open there are still alot of great churches that are making a difference in our cultures steady religious decline.. On a well known level, TRBC, TSC, LCN, and many others fight in the trenches every single day to snatch souls from the fire..PLUS countless Great churches in local communities that we don't know their names in many cases but they have stayed true... America has prayed but has yet to repent. There is hope and that hope is found at the Cross of Jesus Christ... Its the Only Hope!! It must be proclaimed and preached from behind the pulpits of the Land... When we pray and sincerely ask God to do a work in us That work will spill over into the culture.. Angie and I want to thank each of you who stand with us in prayer and support as we try to do our small part wherever God leads us.. I wish to assure that by Gods help and Grace, I will Never change my message and also, as He strengthens me, I will pay whatever cost may come but I will keep preaching THIS message... Those who have been my true friends, some old; some new, I can't tell you how much I thank you!! My Dear friends and soul brothers and sisters, Happy Independence Day... Lets go out every day and proclaim FREEDOM to the Captives through the BLOOD of JESUS!!! Have a great day tomorrow..... Peace.. DO US A FAVOR... IF YOUR CHURCH IS STAYING TRUE TO THE MESSAGE AND ACTIVELY WINS SOULS, PLEASE WRITE THE CHURCH NAME IN THE COMMENT SECTION SO WE CAN PRAY FOR THAT CHURCH... (the warfare is intense and will increase)