Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Persecution. Org

Help us break the silence. Christian persecution across the globe goes largely unreported and what is reported receives little if any attention from the Western media. You can help spread the word by linking to www.persecution.org from your blog or personal webpage. CC is your source for news on Christian persecution around the world. We're constantly monitoring more than 35 countries to report on the persecution of Christians and fill the gap that the mainstream Western media leaves wide open. By creating awareness, we are giving a voice to suffering believers around the world. Once their stories are heard, we act as a bridge for the nations to respond to their cries by providing effective assistance and advocacy on their behalf.


Update Sept 29

Someone asked me what we were going to do in light of recent prophetic events, blood moon included, and my response is simple. I am going to continue preaching what God gives me to preach, occupying until He comes. I do not tremble in my boots because the world and half the church doesn't like the message! There is going to be a major outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the midst of all the upheaval and all that matters to me is pleasing the Lord with what we preach and what we support. Lots of great plans and a few surprises for next year! Thank you to all who are taking the journey with Angie and I. We have both had a flurry of health issues and have appreciated your support. We sincerely hope to get to your areas or at least close for a meeting next year!! Don't fear, we will never stop handling the word as God gives it to us; by His Grace.. The choice has been made! Shalom!!

I will never change the message but rather obey God and preach what He gives me!! Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Paul, John etc.... Were not popular in their time but were true to the Word of God.. So too must we be! If I see the bridge out, I am compelled to warn the travelers.. We have been led due to circumstances to cancel out some previous commitments and funnel some finances in other directions beginning immediately..  

Thanks for all the prayers and true friendship.. Blessings..

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Update Sept 27

Read the book of Acts and get ready!! Ready for revival.. Ready for fresh miracles.. Ready for Persecution !! All who live Godly in Christ WILL suffer persecution... 2 Timothy 3:12!! There will be two streams flowing side by side.. Glory and darkness.. God is gathering His harvest and the days appointed are numbered. Look to Christ not government of man for your hope! Jesus Rules!

2/3 of the worlds Christians live in dangerous, dangerous places where they daily are faced with persecution... Many do not even possess a complete Bible....Yet, they are deeply consecrated and each year about 8 to 10 Thousand are martyred around the world.....How must Almighty God look at a people with more Bibles, more freedom, more open and established Churches, and still they live unconsecrated lives with rebellious hearts and attitudes independent of Christ? Wake up church in America... Repent and draw close to the Lord; smite the ites that are harassing you with the sword of the Spirit; consecrate your hearts..... We are in for a ride...

While preparing for the return of the Bridegroom, the church is about to undergo a major transformation as God restores true Apostolic authority in the Body of Christ!! There will be a major shaking, foolishness will be cast aside in favor of truth. Guard your heart against offense to remain useable and trust His plan.. No turning back now. God Speed!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Update: Sept 16 2015

Well Praise God!! The offerings from this weekend will allow us to place 250 Bibles in the hands of a missionary in Mexico..... Next week we are talking to a group in Belize where we hope to send at least that many.... GBU FB friends.. On radio next week there will be a tag team preaching episode on one of the days... Len and Keith will be letting it fly!

Every Christian is called to the ministry of prayer.... Most reject it because no one see's them.. I will tell you if you are not praying you are straying. Presence driven ministry is the only ministry with Gods stamp on it!

John Wesley once said , "Once in seven years I burn all my sermons; for it is a shame if I cannot write better sermons now than I did seven years ago.”
All new messages coming to radio starting the end of October..... We will have speaker openings for revival messages over the next 18 months... Send your MP3's and I will listen to them. and remember, On your way to Canaan (Land of God's promise to you) please do not tarry long in Haran (Land of small fruit)........ Gen. 12

Here are 4 truths God brought to my mind today in a time of prayer.
1-God wants us to move Forward by Faith Each day…..
2-Even when we do not see any tangible progress or results, He Does. God sees the hearts of people that we cannot see..
3-God is at work on us in every area of our lives and He is preparing us for greater and better things all the time..
4-When we trust the Lord, He will move on our behalf.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Study the Word.

The time that you spend in the Word and In Prayer is the most valuable time in your entire day. When the believer delights in God in this way God always reveals more of Himself..  Let me encourage all of you this day, Pursue God through prayer and study of the Word. We always attain what we pursue and truly if we want it bad enough, we will make time for it!  In 35 years of Bible Study I have never once been sorry for the time I have spent pursuing it... God bless you all!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Update Sept. 9 2015

Your realm of authority is contained in your call... Don't go beyond that and assume what God has not given you... Function in your role and let others function within theirs.. We are going to see God set these things right in His church.... If you want to know how to be a good Pastor; ask one who has succeeded . If you want to be a good Evangelist, follow evangelists that have succeeded,(By Gods Definition of Success) etc... etc..... Same thing in the secular world.... Lots of clerks "think" they know what a doctor ought to do.... etc..etc.. God is restoring order and Apostolic authority to His last days church. Walk in your calling and refrain from judging in area's you have not been set by the Lord. Concentrate on winning your friends, families, and neighbors to the Lord... Run your race... Its almost home time..

We are getting everything in place to begin touring the revival sites starting with Charles Finney sites in Oberlin Ohio in October... Anyone in the area wanting to meet up, message me....  "Stay Under the Blood and Walk in Continual Repentance... Lay aside all you hold against anyone and Watch God do some real miracles in your life.. Miracles coming solely from Him that flesh could never accomplish."..

Forgive us O Lord. We have sinned against you in our prayerlessness. We have sinned against you in our silence and in our adopting the values of the world system. Lord, we have sinned in our complacency and lethargic slumber while your arch enemy made his advancements. Lord Forgive us! Wash us in your Blood. Cause your Fire to burn within the church in America and the Church at Large once again!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Update: Sept 6 2015

I said I would share some thought about some dreams I have been having so here it goes... I have repeatedly been seeing huge splits in the earth surface and fires burning across the USA... In each dream the Lord's messenger approaches me and says Do not be afraid and hands me a Trumpet.. I believe He is saying to warn His people about a coming storm. Some may ridicule this, but its what i dream nonetheless. In one dream, one group of people were distraught and another was encouraged to gather their baskets and "harvest". Which I took to mean that we as Christians must be concerned with gathering the Lord's end time harvest at this time. Also, anytime there is judgement, its purpose is to cause people to repent and change and thusly be restored. In this dispensation, God is dealing in Mercy even in judgement.. This is not yet the Great tribulation. Gods purposes for all of us and for Nations of the world at this time is still restoration... PRAY AND SEEK GOD AS NEVER BEFORE..... Put away all sin, anger, discord, etc....... God will open doors for you to Harvest in this time...... More coming in a couple days..

In 1 Peter 4:17 " For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?" Listen friends, Judgement will come to His people first... For Gossiping, For bearing Grudges, for idle talk, for all sins of the flesh and spirit..... PUT AWAY YOUR OLD MAN and PUT ON THE NEW MAN... CONTROL THOSE EMOTIONS BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT..... REPENT AND TURN TOWARD CHRIST.... We are in for a ride!!!! Remember, the purpose of judgement in this dispensation is to RESTORE TO A PROPER POSITION...... Heed the warnings.. Yield To His Holy Spirit..............

Friday, September 4, 2015

UPDATE.... SEPT 4 2015

Chinese and Russian ships off our coasts right now..... Gay marriage desecration.... Shemitah..... EMP threats.... economic woes.... ARE YOU READY TO FAST AND PRAY YET??? REPENT AND TURN BACK TO JESUS.... Please hear me... I do not know what is going to happen or when... But..... SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN.... Are YOU right with the Lord... I am just going to say it straight... WHEN THIS ADMINISTRATION STARTS JAILING THE RIGHTEOUS,,, GODS JUDGEMENT IS AT OUR DOOR...STOP WASTING TIME AND COMMIT TO PRAYER !!!!! NOW!!!

The Lord has been telling me for months that what He is giving me to share with church folk will cause some to be angered.. He has also told me NOT to spend hours on social media but stay in the place of prayer. He has those He will send our way anyway. Those that want the meat of what we post. Here are a couple things in my spirit: Life as we know may be about to totally change.. there is no more time for games!!! I am by far Not the only voice hearing these things from the Spirit and sharing them. I will be mocked and even hated but nonetheless I will say what God has given me and do what HE has told me. Our Present administration has put this country in a terrible position before God and there is no time left to be offended, prayerless, spineless, gutless, or hurt.... WE NEED TO CRY OUT TO GOD AS NEVER BEFORE.... I dont care what anyone thinks about me. Judgement is coming.. I need those of you who stand with Angie and I as a Ministry to Go to your prayer rooms on our behalf.... I will be posting alot of what God is giving me in the prayer room... The Secret Place... The War Room...... I will get right back off and into this serious business of ministry in this time.... I am not ignoring anyone if I don't respond to your posts and comments... We are busy with this situation and getting some preps in place as well... I love you all.