Friday, September 4, 2015

UPDATE.... SEPT 4 2015

Chinese and Russian ships off our coasts right now..... Gay marriage desecration.... Shemitah..... EMP threats.... economic woes.... ARE YOU READY TO FAST AND PRAY YET??? REPENT AND TURN BACK TO JESUS.... Please hear me... I do not know what is going to happen or when... But..... SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN.... Are YOU right with the Lord... I am just going to say it straight... WHEN THIS ADMINISTRATION STARTS JAILING THE RIGHTEOUS,,, GODS JUDGEMENT IS AT OUR DOOR...STOP WASTING TIME AND COMMIT TO PRAYER !!!!! NOW!!!

The Lord has been telling me for months that what He is giving me to share with church folk will cause some to be angered.. He has also told me NOT to spend hours on social media but stay in the place of prayer. He has those He will send our way anyway. Those that want the meat of what we post. Here are a couple things in my spirit: Life as we know may be about to totally change.. there is no more time for games!!! I am by far Not the only voice hearing these things from the Spirit and sharing them. I will be mocked and even hated but nonetheless I will say what God has given me and do what HE has told me. Our Present administration has put this country in a terrible position before God and there is no time left to be offended, prayerless, spineless, gutless, or hurt.... WE NEED TO CRY OUT TO GOD AS NEVER BEFORE.... I dont care what anyone thinks about me. Judgement is coming.. I need those of you who stand with Angie and I as a Ministry to Go to your prayer rooms on our behalf.... I will be posting alot of what God is giving me in the prayer room... The Secret Place... The War Room...... I will get right back off and into this serious business of ministry in this time.... I am not ignoring anyone if I don't respond to your posts and comments... We are busy with this situation and getting some preps in place as well... I love you all.

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