Friday, June 7, 2019

Charging Summer 2019 Update

Hello Friends and Partners,

I thought it was time today for a brief update on all that is going on here at the Ministry.
We are charging summer 2019 by the Grace of God with a continuation of our several pronged outreach.
After 7 years on Spreaker Web Radio we felt the Lord closing that season and opening up brand new doors for our radio platform. As of May 2019, we now having program shorts on Spotify, Anchor FM, Radio Public, Apple Podcasts, along with several other venues. Then, On May 22 we launched our 24/7 stream on Zeno FM. The results so far have been tremendous..  Spotify, Anchor and our 24/7 network is linked on the right side of this connect site.. We air a variety of speakers and music too...

Also, My main sermon and teaching podcast; The Old Time Power on Podbean is going very strong for which I am very thankful and give God all the Praise. It is updated every Friday if we are not on the road that day. Please allow me to request of you that you would tell your friends about the Programming and invite them to listen.
Perhaps next month I will tell you of the strides we are making on You Tube as well... Viewers are up and we love that..

Right now, the process has begun for the distribution of thousands of dollars of Goods and Food supplies to be delivered to the poor so be looking for picture updates soon..

I live by this motto: What You Value, You Make Time For!! Angie and I are so thankful for those of you that make time for our messages, Videos, and Ministry. Some act like its too much to ask or that somehow they know more about everything and that makes your special friendship all the more precious to us..  Thanks for believing in the 38 plus years of Spiritual deposits from the Lord into our hearts. I want to say a great big thank you to all our Listeners, Viewers, and the Givers who are so faithful each and every month to help us expand our taking of the Gospel around this world through the various outreaches.... God bless you.... We Love you....

More updates coming soon......

I would like to leave you with some nuggets I posted on my social media:

Grace doesn't redefine what sin is... It doesn't make sinful acts not sinful. Grace is empowerment over sin enabling the believer to Stop sinning.... The essence of Grace is found in Christs words ,"Neither Do I Condemn You, Go and Sin no More..."

While you may appear invisible to people; never God! Be kind but invest yourself and time where it will do some Kingdom good.

The first thing we must do when dealing with doubt is to recall God’s past faithfulness, and remember His promises. God has done so much for each of us, we have no reason to think that He won’t help us in what we are going through now. When we spend time praising God for what He has done for us in previous situations, we are reminded of His Love and provision. Meditating on promises from scripture will reassure us that God will continue to meet every one of our needs.

The real Gospel is The old time Gospel.... Church is not a pick and choose buffet, its not a show, its not a theater, its not a talent competition. Church is a place where the worship goes up to God alone, the old time message is preached under the anointing of The Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ alone is exalted.......... Methods may change but The Gospel never does and The Gospel still produces Holy living.....

What a Glorious Lords Day celebrating the Liberty He provided us because of the Cross and Resurrection.. Angie and I are so excited for the meetings coming up this year. We are also planning and preparing for our taping out in Monument Valley Utah, Arizona and California coming up Spring 2020, Lord willing... Our prayer for all of you is that you will walk in all Christ has for you and fulfill His purposes for you in these last days..  We Love you guys and are praying for you... God bless..