Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Beans and Rice.... A summer of miracles

On June 21st, Fathers day and the first day of summer, we accepted as a Ministry a Beans and Rice Challenge for Latin America and South America, for the entire summer, ending on Sept. 23..... We are believing God for this to be miraculous. After the challenge we will report here  on What God has done. But what I wanted to testify to was that at 1:30 am this morning God dropped it in my husbands heart, a little saying, Miracles are coming!!!! Will you dear friends come into agreement with us that Miracles are coming? And for any interested in sowing into this, please use the link on the right hand side of the page... This is all a part of the direction that when God releases him Len will be telling you about... Thanks so much and remember, Miracles are coming!!!!


Monday, June 22, 2015

Parallels in the Time of Judges and USA and A Warrior's Heart: By Len Paxton

Bluetree Worship and Justice

Angie and I have been supports of World Orphans ministry for a long time and we were honored to be a part of 2 nights on the Bluetree  World Orphans Worship and Justice Tour. We were at Kalkaska and Traverse City MI... Seeing where the dollars go is always a blessing. Hearing the inspiring stories and watching others form partnerships is always amazing!!

Here are some statements about World Orphans from their website, which we do have linked on right also:
"To empower the church to care for orphans – until they all have homes!

We equip, inspire, and mobilize the church to care for orphans and vulnerable children. Churches engaged. Children restored. Communities transformed by the Gospel of Christ.

We value relationships, humility, grace, family, the wholistic care of children and our staff, and are striving to do ministry with excellence."

The last statement is very, very, very, very important to me personally... After years of trying to work with so many the Lord has finally gotten it through to me to work with those who work with you.. Those who show an active interest in what God has you doing.. Dont just settle for the 50% ers... Go for the "All In"....

I will be writing more on that later, but for now, I want to encourage all of you to check out Bluetree and World Orphans as well as the great group playing with Bluetree; The Informants...

I will try to have music on hand at my events throughout the year.. God bless

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ep 573 Self Centeredness by Angus Buchan

Ep 573 Self Centeredness from Angus Buchan on Vimeo.

June 16 Update

Well Praise The Lord everyone!

I am coming to you today after my show and updating you on the next couple weeks.  If you have noticed, I have added some new links on the right hand side of the screen. The Lord gave us a very specific word a few days back: He Said, Re-Dig some of the old wells... Angie and I knew instantly what the Lord was talking about and so we made reconnection with the Legacy of Dr. Lester Sumrall and LeSea Ministries.  This of course includes supporting all the various aspects of their outreach. We just believe that when you connect with a ministry you CONNECT!  God works just that way. Amen!
We are so very thankful for our many partners who treat us that way also.. Partnership is powerful.

Someone said to me a few weeks ago, "Let me know when you are doing a project I want to help".. Well, We are always busy and we really need those who will just send an offering every month or as often as possible and it will always get put to good use. We have so many who stand with us each month.. Many blessings to you.

This Friday Angie and I will be at The Bluetree concert in Kalkaska benefiting World Orphans. Angie and I have been partners with World Orphans for a little over a year now.. For those who do not know, Bluetree is an awesome Worship band from Ireland. We will be there encouraging people to help sponsor orphans.
Then June 26 we will get to the Big Ticket Festival at 2pm and will be there all day June 27 also.. Looking forward to seeing Peter Furler, Newsboys, Disciple, Random Hero, Chris Tomlin and so many other friends and artists. We were only going to go to BTF on Saturday at first but have also freed up half a day Friday on my schedule. Its a great time to connect with us partners and we would love to meet each of you.

On Radio right now, I will be wrapping up my series on the Holy Spirit and then airing a guest message right before we do a special study on The Anti-Christ... This study will be chocked full of scripture and you will not want to miss it..
On the Telecast the latest tour from Virginia and Georgia is airing right now. Many people have said they love tuning in for the battlefield and historical location programs most of all. This time out we actually recorded enough material for 7 weeks worth of programs. We will be in Virginia again for sure in October if I do not get a meeting there sooner.... Always open to do services in Virginia. Its my favorite place! (Many Smiles).......

This summer we will be holding meetings in South Bend IN, Grand Rapids MI, and Hartford City IN. Plus we will be taping on location in several stops throughout TN, VA, and OH. This Fall I have several meetings which I will update you on later!

Here are some nuggets from my FB Page:

Disciple is not a name for a 'higher level' Christian. According to the Word in Acts 11:26, disciples ( those who deny self ; take up their Cross and follow Jesus) are the only kind of real Christians there are. Church Members may or may not be disciples therefore, may or may not be Christians.............

People who pick and choose the 'word' they want to hear based on their own standards and the style of Gods Messenger will not be very usable by God in these last days days... We do not always need a soft word and you do NOT get to pick the messenger God desires for you to receive from at a given moment... We really must grow up in these areas if we are to ever be used of God...

Fear of Criticism is the very kiss of death to Godly achievement! While loose gums flap in the breeze; keep preaching truth, keep getting people saved, keep leading people to the Lord to meet all their needs. The cause is so much higher than any of us ... Don't quit trying and don't give up just because someone shot you down.. Receive Constructive criticism and refuse idle talk... I don't know who this for tonight but CHEER UP!! GOD has put DESTINY within You.....

What you Do doesn't affect God's heart towards you , but it will affect your heart toward Him.... If you are not seeking God He will love you just the same, but you won't love Him the same....If you put no effort into your walk your heart will grow hardened toward God..... There is a balance between Grace and Faith....

every day I can sense very strongly that in spite of the difficulty of the days in which we live, God is drawing His people closer to Himself. The days are coming to a close and The Lord is weening His Children from the things of this earth... Look up, Your redemption draws near.........

Angie and I love you all and looking forward to ministry in a place near you soon. Thanks for believing in the call on my Life and for sending us!  Blessings,

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 9 Update

Well friends, Partners and supporters of the ministry,

June has gotten off to a great start. June 4 and 5 Angie and I were very blessed to attend 3 services of the Joyce Meyer conference in Grand Rapids MI.... She taught on the Holy Spirit and my heart was so stirred.. Sometimes we need to go back to the foundations and rekindle the flames... Amen..

Right away Angie and I felt led of the Lord to help with the water wells that the Joyce Meyer ministries is providing around the world...

I was supposed to be in South Bend IN June 9 and 10 but this morning as I was on my way, a deer ran into my car and put it out of traveling commission for just a few days until we get it repaired ... I will be renting a vehicle if needed until ours is ready and we will be rescheduling the Indiana events for later in the summer......

God has been pouring forth a heavier anointing than I ever remember on the messages and TV work lately... Some of the new messages the Lord is giving me cut right to the heart of living as a Christian in the Last Days and you have seen some of the clips already that we did in Virginia but the new ones are even more straight to the point. We can't wait to share them here with you!

In times of prayer together, and its imperative that married couples pray together often in the days we are living in, God has been speaking a phrase to Angie and I that has a particular meaning to us that we knew right away and in the next few days I will be sharing this with you... The phrase is "Open up and Re dig some old wells".

We truly feel that we are coming into a new season once again in this ministry and God has said it will be a Good Season.. I really need all of you to stand with us with your prayers and Giving in this time. I have had several major visions of what God wants to accomplish and I don't yet even have words to tell it!

So, be watching the blog closely for the next several weeks. New Teachings and major announcements on the way.. God bless you friends......