Tuesday, June 14, 2016

LeSea Global Feed The Hungry

This last year, your support helped launch our feeding program in the Philippines where we now feed over 4,750 children who'd been scavenging through garbage for food! ‪#‎Philippines‬ ‪#‎AFullLifeFeelsGood‬


Our hearts break for the people in Orlando . For all the people across America whose lives are twisted and broken by sin, death, and pain.... Ladies and gentlemen, only a National Revival bringing the people of this Nation back to the Cross can help us now.. We need you Jesus.. Have mercy on us, help us!! We are holding the families of the Orlando shooting and the families of America in prayer today!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My May Nuggets From FB..

I don't believe the Lord calls us to see how many seats we can fill by creating a 'club feel' on Sunday and endeavoring to attract the unbelievers by such a watered down version of the message that they never get confronted by the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Without preaching the gospel found in the bible, without a call to repent from sin, without an explanation of the Blood of Christ and the new life it gives, how will anyone be forgiven and how will their lives be transformed?? Changed lives are what matters to God... Not numbers and for 2000 years the goal of Christianity has never been to put on a good show!!

Our goal in the church should not be to be popular with all the people. If we are unfaithful to God then we contribute to the moral blight on the Nation. Our first and foremost order of business must be faithfully serving God in love and obedience.. Sometimes this will put us at odds with the culture and the very religious as well.

I truly believe we need to man up and be ready to confront the hostile reactions that may occur when we proclaim the Real Gospel of Jesus Christ. The church needs to stop doling out prepackaged "Christianity Lite" spiritual candy and begin to boldly proclaim truth in a culture so obviously devoid of Gospel truth.

Instead of trying to sound and appear super spiritual just spend your life trying to be like Jesus and let God work out all the details. Expect God to continually change you and He will. Put your faith on being conformed to the image of Christ and the results of the Holy Spirit will be amazing... Happy Lords day saints!! Please, if possible, go to church this Sunday! Love you!

Here is a word God gave me while preaching a message on America and the Cup of Iniquity.... Let us not be so arrogant to think that because God loves us so much He won't judge us for sins that He destroyed empires of the past over!! Men with men, women with women, and the offering of babies to Baal, etc... My God America WAKE UP AND REPENT BEFORE THE CUP OF INIQUITY IS FULL OR YOU WILL EXPERIENCE A JER. 7:16 and HOSEA 4:1-6 MOMENT!!!

Just like car worketh by gas; no gas, car won't work! U r goin nowhere! So too, Faith worketh by love (Gal 5:6b) no love, faith goes nowhere. You may be believing God for many things and may truly not doubt His word but if you have allowed bitterness a place in your heart, you won't forgive, you treat others as beneath you, gossip and slander dominate your conversation; etc(lack of love) YOUR FAITH WONT WORK!! Repent if you need to cause its Gods good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. Faith worketh by love. We get that straight and miracles once again can flow to and through us!!

We are called of God , in the world but not of the world, set apart unto God.... We are called to live Holy lives by the power of the Holy Spirit. When a believer lives and partakes of the same things , beggarly elements, that has millions of people in bondage, it brings dishonor to the savior.. It's time to return to the Altar and pursue Holy living.. Anyone out there say Amen!!
 If Loving Jesus were a crime, I'd be an outlaw.... Come on and join the fight... Our poor world is in trouble. Lets tell the truth of Gods Love together. The only way to be saved; the only hope for the world is JESUS CHRIST.... I will not be ashamed of that precious Name..This is the battle of the Ages my friends.... Lets do this together...Its time to lay everything on the line for the Name of Jesus.... We have nothing to lose and Heaven to gain.. Don't be afraid!! We must be bold... Its almost home time!!