Friday, November 13, 2020

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I want to encourage all my Friends and my Partners in The Gospel to Order this very special offer by Brother Perry Stone.. I purchased it the day the books got in at VOE and and received it 2 days later Priority Mail. The urgent information and message contained in this offer is vital for us as the church moving forward... Please Go to VOE website and order the Package today..

Thursday, September 24, 2020

End Of Summer/Early Fall Update and Nuggets/ What is Coming

Hi Everyone, Man have we seen God do some amazing things so far this year. We are so excited as everything seems to be coming in line for the soon return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Before I tell you about our upcoming events, I want to share what God has been showing me about what is coming. Lets take a quick look at Isaiah 60: 1-2 Verse 1 says: Arise, Shine; for thy light is come, and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. Verse 2 goes on to say; For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people::; but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and His glory shall be seen upon thee. So, as far as the earth and its people, its no doubt going to get worse as the age is hurling toward judgement. But remember this; in the darkest of times those who truly know the Lord are the Lighthouses created to shine forth the glory of Jesus.. God has already given us many opportunities during these days to reach the lost and He will continue to do so.. We must resist fear and many other foes as we stand Strong for Jesus in the days to come. A fresh dependance on the Holy Spirit will be birthed in us. There is so much more to share so at this time let me encourage you to be watching for new audio/video as well as writings that are coming over the next few weeks. On September 26 we are taking part of The Return in our home. People will be dropping by to pray with us awhile from 9am to 9pm. And on October 6 from 7-9pm we will again open our doors to pray with TSC Tuesday night prayer meeting.. If you are in our area feel free to email us for direction and stop on by. Here are some additional nuggets from my Twitter" Just keep in mind that according to your Bible there is a storm coming. A violent storm is on the near horizon. It will do no good to sugar coat it or cover your eyes. Your Only ark of safety is Jesus Christ. The shedding of innocent blood and legalizing of abomination will have horrible effects on the USA if not repented of!! If you claim to be a Christian and you vote for the left, something is very wrong with your understanding of the Bible and Christianity. The Church today needs to relearn dependence on the Holy Spirit in order to face the battles ahead! Darkness will get darker but Gods light will also shine brighter! God is not going to give up on America without a fierce fight! You are about to see the wrath side of His Glory!! As He contends for America will you stand for truth? It’s a ridiculous waste of time to try to speak to those who think in their pride and ego that they know so much more than others but as you do speak it into the atmosphere God Almighty can still work!! It’s our responsibility as Christ Followers to WARN the ungodly of their ungodly deeds!! If you don’t preach repentance of sin then you don’t preach the Gospel of Salvation either!!
God makes beauty out of ashes . Somethings gotta burn before He can. All that is not like Christ in us; the dross. Whatever we are walking through God ultimately turns for our good if we love Jesus! Jesus said by their fruit you will know them. I don’t care how many or who curtly cuts me off: if a person is not preaching Repentance of sin they aren’t preaching the Gospel of Salvation. I’m right! My 10 year ministry plan is ... to be in Heaven!! And everyday until then I will go wherever the wind of the Spirit blows me!! Wherever He leads me is what my plan is!! And if I need additional years for ministry plan... same thing!! So thats it for now my friends..... Keep watching for the new messages with last days revelation freshly given to us by the Lord... God bless you all.. Len

Saturday, September 19, 2020

A Fathers Prayer

Wonderful Memories Of My Dad. I Love You And Miss You Dad! Awesome Footage Of My Dad At Campmeeting .

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

June/July Update

Hi Friends and supporters,
Angie and I hope your summer has been a good one despite the virus. We have been ultra busy with both outdoor services and broadcasting.
Our views and plays have been steadily going upward for the 3rd year in a row now. Thanks so much!!

I am very thankful for my sister in law and the many many friends of this ministry who are so faithful in their giving enabling us to share the Gospel Truth around the world in so many ways. God bless you..

August is also shaping up nicely with services planned for Traverse City, Copemish, Wolverine and others as they come open..

Here are some recent nuggets:

I’m not interested in playing games with a Holy God!! I need the real power of God flowing through my heart and life. America needs revival and dear Jesus let it begin in me.

Biblical prayer absolutely has therapeutic power. Allow the Holy Spirit to deepen your prayer life. You will be so glad you did!

The redistribution of wealth is not justice; it’s theft

The greatest desire you can aspire to in this life is to fulfill the plan God has for your life.

The freedoms we enjoy are only perfect for the person who is willingly hemmed in by the constraints of the Bible and the Holy Spirit

“What can be wiser in highest sense is but to bless our fellow man to - snatch his soul from the gulf that yawns, to lift him up to the heaven that glorifies, to deliver him from the immortal cauldron of Satan, and to bring him into the liberty of Christ?” Charles Haddon Spurgeon

October 6, 7-9 pm ET, TSC worldwide prayer streaming live from Plymouth , Mass. From the lot where the surviving pilgrims prayed for the future of this new nation 400 years ago. The Lord has led us to pray there and ask forgiveness for what we have done with the freedom He gave... They had no strength, no plan and were surrounded by enemies. Only had God and a promise. They prayed. America was born. Going back to the same spot 400 years later. To pray again. Oct 6, 7-9 pm ET. (Carter Conlon)

We are so excited about this TSC Event.. It Prayer that this Nation needs.....

This was just a brief update, please be watching on You Tube and listening to the Old Time Power for more info soon to come...
Next update in August..
We Love you guys,
Len and Angie       

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Update July 7, 2020

Hey Everyone,
Its been awhile since I posted and update so I thought I'd pop on for a brief one here today.

We are just days away from closing on the sale of our present home and offices and obtaining our new home and offices... After we close on both we will fill you in on some of those details. Let me assure you that moving this ministry has been a tremendous effort and we never could have gotten this far without Mike and Skylar..  More coming soon.... I cant wait to do our first broadcast from the New place..

I have been preaching in person services for sometime again now and God is doing so many amazing things.The Lord is so good.. I have dedicated the last 40 years of my life to winning souls and next years we have some very special events in the planning.. There will be a private web site for monthly givers only to see the pics... Its going to be epic.

Here are some nuggets from my Twitter: and Parlor.

Things of this world and of flesh are not as important as the spiritual things for the believer.

If a civil law or any law violates your Christian conscience: OBEY GOD RATHER THAN MAN.. and if you are too spineless and gutless to preach it; get out of the pulpit.

 Click on picture to make bigger to read it...

This Sunday at church, SING California SING!! This is way out of line what the lunes are doing. Fight for freedom everywhere.

No one has the moral power to tell others the can’t sing in church. Do it anyway. Sing your praise to the Lord. We can win this war on Christianity in JESUS NAME!!

People who mock and belittle your accomplishments really don’t deserve you! 

Stop supporting leftist radicals that want us to deny our great country’s history. We can prevent this takeover if we grow a spine and quit caving!!

I’ll tell you right now, you are not going to ‘cancel’ Jesus..... but one day you Are going to stand before Him!! He will be your judge and you will receive your sentence. You better repent and give your heart to Jesus Christ!!

Fellow Americans, don’t allow these thugs to tear down our history; don’t be ashamed of our history. Every color matters. We must end racism but not by empowering Marxist thugs. This is not the way my friends

No one can take the position God has ordained you to fill no matter how they may try. Only you can forfeit it. Don’t give up or away one inch of your God given ground and freedom!

I will be sharing in the very near future how some who have been in envy and competition with me in ministry for years have stopped their support of our ministry  AND      GOD replaced them 5 times over.. WooHoo... Exciting stuff coming soon.. 

God bless The Faithful...

Friday, May 22, 2020

A Few Random Observations

Here are a few random Observations:

Are you one who has spent years in the wilderness, waiting for
God’s moment? Are you a David in the caves, a Joseph in the
dungeons? Couldn’t it be that this is the very moment that God
has been preparing you for, all this time?

You see, the “big boys” with their shallow gospel are in increasing
trouble through all of this. They rely on big money, big media, big
hype and big budgets to get their message out. And the budget is
looking rather sick. Could it be that God is leveling the playing field?
Are many that were “last” about to become first? Are the little guys
with their message of repentance and heart-holiness about to break
through the glass ceiling that has kept them down for so long?
Has God actually been planning this for ages?

Personal Spiritual experiences such as dreams and visions, travel to Israel, baptism, etc... make you no better or more knowledgeable than other believers who have never had those experiences. They are for personal blessing not oneupmanship.

You don’t have to travel to a special place to know and understand the Bible. God has never told us to do that! Everything we need is in the Word and the Holy Spirit.

Anyone that even has the attitude they know so much more than others has not the Spirit of Christ active in them.

John 3:16 is a verse of scripture that most know by heart; it says, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
The way to everlasting life is here clearly laid out for us; believe in the Son, Jesus Christ.  God loves all of humanity. He did not provide a way of salvation because you are who you are; He provided the way because He loves all mankind and all mankind are sinners and the only way that any of us has any hope is to receive Jesus Christ.
I will not go to heaven if I am good nor will I go to hell merely because I am bad. The eternal destiny of each of us will be decided by what response we have to Jesus Christ and His invitation to us to receive Him as our Lord and Savior.

In his excellent book ” Set The Trumpet To Thy Mouth” Pastor David Wilkerson makes the following points.
1-A true prophet of God is consumed with a vision of the Lord Jesus Christ.
2-A true prophet of God preaches and practices self-denial.
3-A true prophet of God has a holy boldness against sin. He never whitewashes evil.
Our dear brother has done well to make these observations. We have so few true prophets of God speaking today. One so-called prophet of today, Kim Clement, says that todays prophets are “more fun” because they do not deal with peoples sin. Joel Osteen claims that he will not mention sin or the Cross. The list is endless and I could go on and on but the point is; how did we sink to such a low level in the church?
Our focus should be Jesus Christ and Him crucified, so how did we allow the base desires of greed and lust to dominate us to the point that now, the precious Gospel that cost Christ His life’s Blood has been cheapened to little more than get- rich- quick schemes and some type of magic talisman to make all our problems disappear?
It is little wonder that the Church in America is so soft these days. David Wilkerson calls these modern prophets [ so-called]  “Pillow Prophets.” I agree…  The church in this country has fallen asleep with its head in the lap of Delilah.  The true glory of God has departed and a very cheap imitation is being promoted. 
There is an old saying that I grew up on that goes something like this; I don’t care how high you jump, you must walk straight when you come down. We, as preachers, do not need $5,000 ink pens or our own gimmicks. We do not need to live in the biggest and finest homes on the market. We do not need the most expensive airplanes so we can fly over the people we are supposed to reach. We do not need the most expensive clothes.  One real big lie in the church right now is that a “Kings Kid” should have the best. That is a terrible lie.  What about Luke chapter 9:23-25 ?  or Matthew 10:37-42?  Just to name a couple.
We must reach out to others with what God blesses us with. Christ taught concern and compassion for others; not greed. We need to tell men everywhere about the savior. Christians are to live lives that are examples of Jesus Christ. Jesus often spoke of giving a cup of cold water to a thirsty neighbor and giving away our coat to those in need. Whatever happened to that message?  We are supposed to care for orphans and widows and those who have been beaten down by life; not try to get what little they do have from them.  Come on church, wake up before its too late!  Get back to preaching about the Cross. Get back to living out your faith in practical, everyday, common ways.
Most of what you see over TBN is vain and fanciful imaginations of the darker variety. Most of it appeals strongly to the fallen nature; the sinful nature of mankind. Where have the true prophets gone? We so desperately need a true word from God in our land. On second thought, we have a Bible chocked full of true words of God; maybe we should read our Bibles more and listen less, none at all preferably, to the pillow prophets that abound in our land.  


Thursday, May 21, 2020

Update at End Of May and Nuggets...

 Hello my friends,
First I would like to thank all of you for all the Birthday wishes. Pictured above is one of my favorite gifts, The complete works of Richard Sibbes, the great Puritan author and Pastor... My wife gave me this as I turned 57 on May 9th. His writings have been a major blessing to me over the years. Thanks to my wife Angie for this awesome birthday present.

Well, we are holding in person services again beginning on May 30. Social distancing will be practiced. Its time to minister in person again!! I will be taking meetings on a case by case basis at this time as we move forward to recovering all.. Thats what God will do.. He said Go and has given commandment to assemble together... 

Also, we are in the process of moving our home and headquarters. Its been challenging during the pandemic but we are making progress. I will do another update on that later.. 

There will not be any private broadcasts for awhile now as we move forward but There are tons of Public messages on The Old Time Power Podcast and also Anchor FM. Also, our You Tube has been doing really well.. Thank you so much viewers and Listeners..

Here is a new testimony from our You Tube:
Oh my goodness I have been watching you on you tube for a few years now and I just love you’re preaching . I always learn and get knowledge and peace/ uplifting from God when I listen to you . You are such a delight to listen to on you tube . God bless you and you’re family and stay healthy .--- Jennifer

I want to share a few nuggets with you from my twitter feed...

If you are not committed to the local church, the Lords Body—- Then you are not committed to Jesus the Lord either!!

“The believing of the final deliverance of Gods people, the ruin of His enemies, cannot but raise up the souls of good men to a marvelous degree of joy and thankfulness to God.”
in The Saints Safety In Evil Times
I want to thank those who go publicly on my social media sites and show your support. You have been a blessing during this time. God bless you
There are a lot of folks that will use this virus as an excuse to not go back to church. Not us!! We will be there, we will be preaching, praying and do what Christians do!! We pledge to go Gods way not the way of the ungodly.
I believe that Jesus is the Christ; the Son of the Living God. He is God! I owe Him my allegiance, not news pundits, political party’s, Governments, or anything/ anyone else!! I choose as a Christ follower to not be enslaved by Fear!
I believe that faith in Jesus still saves, heals, protects and delivers today and we can through Christ put worry , fear, doubt and unbelief under the Blood and walk in the Victory of Jesus Christ!
I pray you all have a great Memorial Day weekend and I will be bringing another update soon..
Let me close by saying that all of our outreaches are moving forward and we need your financial support as never before.. Thanks for being Faithful partners!!
See You Soon,

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Parkside Church Morning Service 4-19- 2020

Sunday Update For Ministry Family 4-19-2020

Hello Ministry Family,
Angie and I greet You all in the Name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We are doing well and pray indeed that all of you are also!
During this extended time of isolation the Lord has been doing wonderful things in our hearts and has also opened up brand new avenues for Ministry Outreach for us. New plans, new direction, new roads to travel all by His Almight yHand and Providence...  The Holy Spirit has whispered to me that I am entering an important season of my Ministry.

I (Len), will be sharing much about this in the future by Gods Grace and help.
This morning I am living with the joy of the Lord Jesus in my heart! I know that He’s got my back!! I have cast the care of my life on Him because He cares for me! The Lord has set His love upon me!

I want to say a big thanks to all who have responded with sending in their emails requesting to stay in contact with us for the next leg of our spiritual journey together. As many of you know by now that we are weening the true supporters and loved ones from FB to our websites other than social media. This connect site, our You Tube, And also our podcast are the places we want to really connect with people going forward. Their is way too much false love expressed on social media from those who prove by their actions and the lack thereof everyday that they do not care about anyones vision but their own..
The Love of God will chase our fears away! The Bible says that Perfect Love casts out fear! (1John 4:18a) Today, let your love grow!! You can trust The Lord!
As I stated in our last update, "Protect the Anointing: Don’t take everybody for a friend. If you can’t share your vision, use your gift, acknowledge the accomplishment, etc; the only reason they want to talk to you is to know your business, then they are not a good friend for you!! Protect the Anointing!!!"  And thats really proven out to be a word from the Lord.. 

Its time to go forth into the new, with solid friends and supporters because what God is about to do in the earth and with our Ministry is going to be truly amazing.. So very exciting indeed!! So please be on the lookout for new updates and announcements coming in the not to distant future..

Here are some nuggets through these times..:

Thank You to all who have been listening to all the extra recordings posted on the podcast and all who have been giving to the Bible restock efforts.. We now have enough funds for 1500 Bibles to go in to prisons and homeless shelters. We will be making a trip to one of the shelters we support in San Diego CA as soon as we are able and will personally deliver those and other Christian Lit. .. Here is a little of what God has had on my heart today: The essence of the Gospel is a changed life that comes from a Christ transformed heart.. ( 2 Cor. 5:17). From that heart will flow faith, obedience, holiness, love, joy, prayer, etc… All the elements necessary to maintain our growing relationship with God. Supplied and equipped by His Spirit we reach out to all the potential He has for us.. God bless you all.. 

I will still be posting a few times each month though not going out to all pages every time. Will do best to keep up with everyone coming on over time. We are developing a new secure site where a lot of new ministry pics will be posted going forward and locked so they can’t be infringed. Angie and I will be sending out these links as they develop privately through email. If you wish to be on these new sites it’s important that you email me at It’s going to be an awesome new season in our lives and as of now we have 143 emails of those who wish to continue taking the journey with us. Send me an email and we will get it done!!  (Addendum: Email supporters now up to 216 as of todays date. Glory To God!)

  I want to assure you that no matter where you are tonight, God has got you in the palm of His Hand. His Hand is big enough to hold us all!! Here is what God says in Is 41:10 NKJV "Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’
No Virus, Disease, Money Problem, Neighbor, Lack, Pestilence, etc... NOTHING can rip you out of His Hand!
In Romans 8: 37-39 We Read This, "37 Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. 38 For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, 39 nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." No matter where you are or what you go through, You will never lose His Love Child Of God. Trust God, Fear Not, God has still got this!!
Again, Thanks for tuning in tonight. God bless you and yours and remember, we will come out on the other side of this!! Victorious and stronger in Jesus than ever.....

You know ‘those people’ who can’t just say amen to the preaching; they also have to add their great wisdom.. as if they already knew everything.... God deliver your church from self seeking, self appointed leaders’ !!!

I would rather be an attention grabber that an attention seeker. The latter comes from a sense of shame and inferiority while the former is from time in Gods Presence and a humble heart..

There are those who will contribute to the journey you are on in Christ and then there are those who will compete with you in your journey. You must choose your friends wisely in these last days. Amen!

It’s truly difficult these days to find folks who know how important it is to respect the senior ministry in a family, community, or any place for that matter. But Gods works through that respect. I predict much judgement is coming to the House Of God!

Let the people who brag about themselves while tearing you down to make you look small keep bragging about themselves. God will raise up other people to brag about you. Never brag about yourself- let others compliment you and God will take care of your detractors!!!

Here now are a few pics from our outdoor taping Yesterday:

And Another'

So there you have it for this update. Stay tuned for the next one very soon.. We love you ministry family.. God bless you all..

Monday, April 13, 2020

Because Of Jesus You Can Be Free (Blast From The Past)

Video a little blurry but it’s a right now word for us all. Taped in 2010 at our church, Cross Chapel.. taped from computer because DVDS are packed away from that year. God bless you

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Happy Resurrection Day and nuggets

Angie and I want to wish everyone a very happy Resurrection Day!!
We are so Thankful for What Jesus has done for us at the Cross and Resurrection...
Below are some recent nuggets posted on my social media. I will be posting a ministry update in a few days as well..

This morning I am living with the joy of the Lord Jesus in my heart! I know that He’s got my back!! I have cast the care of my life on Him because He cares for me! The Lord has set His love upon me!

There is no point in this time sharing the depths of your heart with those who make it clear they’re not too interested in what God is doing in your ministry. Praying that God will send you precious people with tender hearts. Take courage my preacher friends. God bless you

The Love of God will chase our fears away! The Bible says that Perfect Love casts out fear! (1John 4:18a) Today, let your love grow!! You can trust The Lord!

Our faith in Jesus is still the victory that overcomes the world. (1John 5:4) when there is nothing we can do to change our situation and we cry out to Him in our weakness, God always show up with His strength. (2 Cor 12:9)

Do you know what God calls it when a person demands a certain treatment or to be noticed but they do not treat others the way they want to be treated? Answer: unjust balances , and it always brings judgement!

Protect the Anointing: Don’t take everybody for a friend. If you can’t share your vision, use your gift, acknowledge the accomplishment, etc; the only reason they want to talk to you is to know your business, then they are not a good friend for you!! Protect the Anointing!!!

I really don’t like using FB too much anymore. My account was hacked 4 times now; personal info stolen, and way too much drama. Now Twitter, so far no problems. Most of our partners follow on our connect site, podbean and You Tube. FB days are numbered!

For a small grassroots ministry we have some of the most faithful partners ever. They have not missed a beat in 2020 in their giving. They are listening every week and watching the videos.. these are the ones we know are with us as we enter this new phase. Announcements soon

There are many things I have known for yrs; not suspected, known!! God has confirmed them to me anew in the past 2 weeks to a month. You don’t have to live in deception... Learn to listen to the Holy Spirit!!

I would much rather be an attention grabber than an attention seeker! The latter comes from a sense of shame and inferiority while the former is the result of time in Gods presence and a humble heart!!
My friends from Maryland found the Old Time Power podcast on Podbean a few days ago. They have been watching our You Tubes since 2008. Looking forward to getting back to Maryland again one day soon. Thanks you guys!!
People’s true selves often come out in times of pressure. I have sure seen who thinks nothing of anyone’s accomplishments but their own during this time. Little competitive jaybos have no place in Kingdom authority. Folks this is not a competition.
I finished these two powerful courses this month too..... 
I have made some very liberating choices for Christ during this crisis. I desire to live to please Him alone. I will not be moved by those who ignore me or by my detractors. I care only that Christ is pleased with what I do and say!!
God bless you all and in just a few days I will be giving a detailed ministry update....