Thursday, May 21, 2020

Update at End Of May and Nuggets...

 Hello my friends,
First I would like to thank all of you for all the Birthday wishes. Pictured above is one of my favorite gifts, The complete works of Richard Sibbes, the great Puritan author and Pastor... My wife gave me this as I turned 57 on May 9th. His writings have been a major blessing to me over the years. Thanks to my wife Angie for this awesome birthday present.

Well, we are holding in person services again beginning on May 30. Social distancing will be practiced. Its time to minister in person again!! I will be taking meetings on a case by case basis at this time as we move forward to recovering all.. Thats what God will do.. He said Go and has given commandment to assemble together... 

Also, we are in the process of moving our home and headquarters. Its been challenging during the pandemic but we are making progress. I will do another update on that later.. 

There will not be any private broadcasts for awhile now as we move forward but There are tons of Public messages on The Old Time Power Podcast and also Anchor FM. Also, our You Tube has been doing really well.. Thank you so much viewers and Listeners..

Here is a new testimony from our You Tube:
Oh my goodness I have been watching you on you tube for a few years now and I just love you’re preaching . I always learn and get knowledge and peace/ uplifting from God when I listen to you . You are such a delight to listen to on you tube . God bless you and you’re family and stay healthy .--- Jennifer

I want to share a few nuggets with you from my twitter feed...

If you are not committed to the local church, the Lords Body—- Then you are not committed to Jesus the Lord either!!

“The believing of the final deliverance of Gods people, the ruin of His enemies, cannot but raise up the souls of good men to a marvelous degree of joy and thankfulness to God.”
in The Saints Safety In Evil Times
I want to thank those who go publicly on my social media sites and show your support. You have been a blessing during this time. God bless you
There are a lot of folks that will use this virus as an excuse to not go back to church. Not us!! We will be there, we will be preaching, praying and do what Christians do!! We pledge to go Gods way not the way of the ungodly.
I believe that Jesus is the Christ; the Son of the Living God. He is God! I owe Him my allegiance, not news pundits, political party’s, Governments, or anything/ anyone else!! I choose as a Christ follower to not be enslaved by Fear!
I believe that faith in Jesus still saves, heals, protects and delivers today and we can through Christ put worry , fear, doubt and unbelief under the Blood and walk in the Victory of Jesus Christ!
I pray you all have a great Memorial Day weekend and I will be bringing another update soon..
Let me close by saying that all of our outreaches are moving forward and we need your financial support as never before.. Thanks for being Faithful partners!!
See You Soon,

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