Friday, July 27, 2018

Truth Nuggets And Blessings From My June and July FB

Let me share these words with you
“‘‘Tis not for men to trifle. Life is brief and sin is here. Our age is but the falling of a leaf and the dropping of a tear. We have no time to sport away the hours: all must be done in earnest in a world like ours. Not many lives, but only one have we- one only one; How sacred should that one life ever be.... That narrow span. Day after day filled up with blessed toil, Hour after hour still bringing in new spoil.”(Horatius Bonar 1808-1889, Scottish Cleric)
The winning of souls and delivering of men has never been more urgent and must again become our top priority.
Make your life count by leaving behind a Godly legacy of souls won and good deeds done in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ..
As someone else once said and I add to, We are all just passing time and occupy our chair only briefly. We are enriched immeasurably by the lives of those who occupied their chair in our room so nobly and lovingly. We honor these loved ones by being the best us God can make.

We really appreciate all the new viewers and Thanks so much for coming back to the teachings over and over again.. You have been such a blessing to us... Always remember that when you are a blessing to others, God begins to pour out blessings in your life... The more you love Jesus, the easier it is to serve and obey him. The opinions of the world will no longer concern you because you can say, “I’ve heard from my Father and I’m doing the pleasure of his heart!
J. C. Ryle once said, “Another real danger to men is thoughtlessness and lack of consideration. Lack of thought is one simple reason why thousands of souls are cast away forever. Men will not consider,-will not look forward,-will not look around them" Thank you those who have thoughtfully continued with the programming and been such a blessing... I look forward to connecting with many of you out there on the road yet during the second half of this year...  

Think about this: if you can’t be corrected, you can’t be directed. If you can’t be directed, you cannot be protected. If you cannot be protected, you can’t be perfected. And if you can’t be perfected( by the Holy Spirit) you can’t be selected.

Here is what the Lord has had on my heart.... Your worth and value doesn’t decrease just because someone can’t see your worth!! Trust Jesus to send supportive people into your life!! Pray to show kindness and mercy to those who ignore, marginalize, or even hate you. Someday they will regret their choices.. Be Christ like and trust Him for the power needed to do so!!

I want to stand and testify that no matter what is going on in your life you can never find a place where Grace runs out.. If you will humbly call out to God He will help you!! One of God’s specialties is making champions out of nobodies.... and winners out of losers.. You are valuable, you are loved and Jesus thinks that “ You are to die for”.. Man , as we come to the place in life that we know we need Christ more than anything else; that’s where He meets us..Another side to this that God had me share both in services and TV, is that faith is the key that will unlock the door. Faith Shines instead of whines; Faith copes instead of mopes .......sometimes we need to get out of self pity and call out to God for the joy of the Lord.. praise Him in the storm.. I’m thankful for all of you and pray for you daily .. God bless you guys!!

You may feel small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes we wonder why God would ever desire to use us in the first place and then we wonder how is He going to do it. But no life, no person, and no circumstance is beyond God’s control and tender care... others may have written you off and told you that you can never do what God has placed in your heart to do. But I’m here to tell you, DONT YOU BELIEVE IT!!! I firmly believe that God wants to make a masterpiece of every single life. I believe that God is building champions out of those that life and other people have cast aside. You just need to stay faithful and stay obedient , standing on His word in the face of all opposition and difficulty. Make sure that what you’re doing is bringing glory to Jesus Christ. As we die to self the world will see more and more of our Savior Jesus Christ! Hang in there, you can do it! With His Help there is nothing that can’t be accomplished for the sake of the Gospel!!! 

in Acts 10:34 it says, then Peter opened his mouth and said of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons.. and in Romans chapter 2 in verse 10 and 11 it says this, But glory, honor, and peace, to every man that work is good, so the Jew first, and also to the Gentile; for there is no respect of persons with God. I know there are many today who love God and serve the Lord and they love God with all their heart. Yet they seem to struggle. They look at others who are so full of joy and so full of peace and live and walk in the blessing of God every day, and yet they seem to struggle. I believe God has told me to say to you to take Him at his word and fight the good fight of faith because God does not love others more than he loves you and his promises are for you too. But you have to believe and keep believing even when there is no physical evidence in the natural. God will come through for you, you are valuable, you are loved, and God has not forgotten you. God has a plan for your life that is Tailor made just for you and it may not be the plan that He has for others.. but if you are in the center of His will there are great blessings for you as well. Be obedient, lay aside what you need to lay aside and Trust Him!! God bless you all today from Rockbridge County Virginia. We will post again a few days. Love you!!