Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Update July 7, 2020

Hey Everyone,
Its been awhile since I posted and update so I thought I'd pop on for a brief one here today.

We are just days away from closing on the sale of our present home and offices and obtaining our new home and offices... After we close on both we will fill you in on some of those details. Let me assure you that moving this ministry has been a tremendous effort and we never could have gotten this far without Mike and Skylar..  More coming soon.... I cant wait to do our first broadcast from the New place..

I have been preaching in person services for sometime again now and God is doing so many amazing things.The Lord is so good.. I have dedicated the last 40 years of my life to winning souls and next years we have some very special events in the planning.. There will be a private web site for monthly givers only to see the pics... Its going to be epic.

Here are some nuggets from my Twitter: and Parlor.

Things of this world and of flesh are not as important as the spiritual things for the believer.

If a civil law or any law violates your Christian conscience: OBEY GOD RATHER THAN MAN.. and if you are too spineless and gutless to preach it; get out of the pulpit.

 Click on picture to make bigger to read it...

This Sunday at church, SING California SING!! This is way out of line what the lunes are doing. Fight for freedom everywhere.

No one has the moral power to tell others the can’t sing in church. Do it anyway. Sing your praise to the Lord. We can win this war on Christianity in JESUS NAME!!

People who mock and belittle your accomplishments really don’t deserve you! 

Stop supporting leftist radicals that want us to deny our great country’s history. We can prevent this takeover if we grow a spine and quit caving!!

I’ll tell you right now, you are not going to ‘cancel’ Jesus..... but one day you Are going to stand before Him!! He will be your judge and you will receive your sentence. You better repent and give your heart to Jesus Christ!!

Fellow Americans, don’t allow these thugs to tear down our history; don’t be ashamed of our history. Every color matters. We must end racism but not by empowering Marxist thugs. This is not the way my friends

No one can take the position God has ordained you to fill no matter how they may try. Only you can forfeit it. Don’t give up or away one inch of your God given ground and freedom!

I will be sharing in the very near future how some who have been in envy and competition with me in ministry for years have stopped their support of our ministry  AND      GOD replaced them 5 times over.. WooHoo... Exciting stuff coming soon.. 

God bless The Faithful...

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