Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Missions Thrust

Len is writing for the connect site the second announcement we wish to make for 2015. I will tell you that it concerns church planting with TRBC. It does not provide a building but gives native Pastors training, Bibles, humanitarian supplies, etc. The cost is $225 per church. Some meet in homes, huts, even under tree's (we take so much for granted) in Africa, South and Central America, and elsewhere around the world. Our goal is to pay for one a month. This will take the bulk of our extra giving at present levels but of course we are believing for increase. A certain portion of all offerings we take in will go to this as well. Some time back, we reached out to TRBC and they reached back. God spoke to us that this was part of a fulfillment of the message God gave Len 3 yrs ago "Reciprocal". This will undoubtedly be one of our biggest stretches next yr, though we have already started to do this. There will be much more detail in Lens article. we also plan to take in extra for TMCI in 2015 doing the same type of thing..

God spoke to my husbands heart and said he would be going to one of these places and that He was going to form a vision bond with one or more of these local native Pastors who will ultimately be left much of the ministry when its time for us to go home.. I never dreamed that foreign missions would come into play like this but I am eagerly watching to see what God will do..

Angie Paxton

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