Wednesday, August 6, 2014

27 Verses God Gave Me On the Importance Of Guarding Your Heart and Eyes.

Recently God began heavily dealing with me on this subject.Far too many today spend the bulk of their time airing their grievances on social sites for the whole world to see and its become very cumbersome and ungodly to even look at it in most cases. Its unbiblical as the Lord has told us to not take offense and if something occurs then we are to go to the parties involved. Not to anyone or everyone else. So the Lord told me in no uncertain terms to STOP looking at it all together. I do realize that this word was for me and not for everyone else to stop HOWEVER, the principals found in these verses can benefit every single one of us who follow Jesus. I used to spend countless hours walking and praying in the woods and received mighty impartations from the Holy Spirit and The Lord has told me to "Go back to the woods and change the image inside from the worldly chatter of much of the church and the SELF that many believers walk and function in and allow the Holy Spirit to put His and only His image inside you"............ This post I will only give the list of verses God gave me.... Look them up and meditate in them and I personally believe God will do a mighty work in you.. This will only be the list of verses and later I will be sharing audio and video teaching on these verses.. And oh yeah, God told me to expect persecution for the words sake..... Here then is the list of verses.... 1)Phil 4:8 2)Phil 4:6-9 3)Rom 14:23 4) 1 Cor 2:16 5) 2 Cor 10:5 6) Rom 10:17 7) 1 Cor 14:10 8) Gal 6:7 9) Matt 7:2 10) Psalm 119:130 11) Mark 4:23 12) Matt 5:37 13) Mark 4:25 14) Matt 13:12 15)Luke 8:18 16)Acts 2:4 17)Psalm 45:1 18) Heb 5:11 19) Psalm 51:8 20) 2 Cor 3:18 21) Neh chapter 6 22) Prov. 29:18 23)1 Cor 12:12 24) Is 55:11 25) Mark 11:24 26) Matt 9:29 27) Eccl 1:11 and an extra, 28)Psalm 119:37 it also helps to read verses surrounding these... and there are of course many more verses that deal with the subject at hand.. these are simply the ones God applied to me... Back to the woods; change the image.. So now, launching out to obey God in this and watch Him do awesome and mighty things... Teaching from these verses coming soon.... Len

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