Monday, August 18, 2014

Pride Is A Roadblock

Often, there are many roadblocks to a person being blessed. One of the major roadblocks is pride. Pride is a really high opinion of oneself. Lucifer fell because of pride. See Isaiah 14: 12-14. Pride caused Lucifer to attempt an overthrow of God's kingdom. He was cast down and lost his position. How could an angel think he could overthrow God's kingdom? Obadiah 3 says, " The pride of your heart has deceived you." You see, self-deception takes place when pride enters. Pride will cause a person to think they are smarter than God. Lets look at some [ only some] of the manifestations of Pride. 1- Not seeking God in prayer and in His Word. 2- Disobeying God's Word and Spirit. 3- Refusal to worship and give to God. 4- Forsaking the assembling in church. 5- No repentance when there is sin. 6- More concern with the opinion of others than with God's opinion. 7- Pursuit of pleasure, comfort, and convenience instead of commitment and surrender to God's will. 8- Rebellion-- unwillingness to submit to spiritual, family, or secular authority. Those are merely a few of the pride indicators that we could list. What is Gods solution? HUMILITY! God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Casting our cares on the Lord acknowledges that our heavenly Father is the One who will take care of our cares... As we humble ourselves and resist the devil, God's grace will strengthen, perfect, establish, and settle us.

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