Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Announcement Number 1

If You Will Be Praying For Us Please Hit Like On This Post To Let Us Know...
Well Friends, I have been telling you for awhile now that there were some major changes coming in the ministry and I was waiting for the green light to go ahead and begin talking about them. As we are streaming the OCI service with some friends, the confirmations came and we are now ready to begin this sharing process. The first thing I would ask you to do is pray for us. If this ministry has been a blessing to you in any way then we need your prayers as never before.. This whole step will be a 100% step of faith for Angie and I. I am going to be sharing much more in the coming weeks but God has, I believe for such a time as this, set us apart for a season of nothing but Church Planting efforts that will take the bulk of time, energy and finances. And in that perspective, I will say that we are taking a limited amount of extended meetings from here on out (if you want us to come lets book it because there are 15 spots per year and thats max . we would accept more only at the Lords command....this doesnt include the one day meetings we will accept..) and I will be doubling the amount of broadcast time soon. God specifically told me to spend time feeding the ones who have asked Angie and I to speak into their lives and ministries. The fastest way to do that is Media preaching. Then, the time we will spend in their individual churches. We will continue to help plant churches in honor of my Mom and helping the Pastors to form Apostolic teams to go forth from the local church. And the last thing I will mention tonight is we are establishing a Prayer center where we can make certain that all the hundreds of prayer requests which have started coming in will be constantly covered. We need as many of you as would feel led to begin to earnestly pray for us. This total restructuring is something I will be explaining more as time goes by.. I will be sharing mostly on my connect site but There will be a whole new partnership program that I think you will find exciting so if you are not following my site I will put the link in the comment on this post.. Please follow the connect site by email and be looking for these announcements and Partnership packages.. God bless you.. I will be off FB for a couple days working on this so again, Follow that connect site.... Blessings my friends... Angie will be posting for me for a few days...

I am stepping away from computer at this time.. Everyone who commits to standing with us by hitting like on this post I will be sending you the link to our radio channel that you can bookmark.. We are about to go deep and speak life to every realm of our beings.. You may want to make this a part of your regular listening..

One quick add about the prayer center; it will include a distribution center so that when someone is in one of our meetings or one of my sisters outreaches or on radio battling some problem, or in need of a Bible, etc... we can send it to them Free... Also, we are going into small churches that cannot afford it but have asked us to come.. We go At No Charge to them.. We allow them to give their best offering but we count on our monthly partners to pay for these outreach revivals... We need about 50 more each month at our present level..


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