Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Announcement #2 New Season Update.

Greetings everyone in the Name of Jesus.. I am now in my second week of pulling away from social media a bit for fasting and prayer as Angie and I enter in a new season of our ministry to the Body Of Christ!  Every time God wants to do a great thing in your life the enemy will always cause someone to act up and be 'offended' by it but thats ok if ones eyes are on Jesus as ours are in this time.. You see I have learned to follow God over people irrespective as to their reactions to what God wants done... So, we have never been more encouraged, happier, or content with what God has for us as we are now!  I am really enjoying this time in my secret place and will continue it as long as God directs.. The main folks we are working with in the years to come on the larger scale are very supportive and in total agreement with me on the matter.

As most of you know next year is my 35 years in ministry year and we will be having special events, revivals, and activities all year in 2016. I will be working closely with ministers and ministries that have asked me to speak into their lives and ministries. A major focus for us will be helping Pastors to build the local church as opposed to isolated ministries. This is the very thing God showed me would be coming for me years ago. There have been several prophetic words given to me, many by people in overseas ministries that I don't even know that have accurately forecasted God placing us before ministers and other leaders in this key time. While we certainly wish we could be of assistance to everyone and occasionally will help other projects, most will be in this vein and regard. In future posts I will be sharing some of the projects with you all in detail. Very soon now we will be releasing information on each months special activities for 2016. They will be varied and diverse. We already have the plans for Jan. and Feb activities planned.. Keep watching this site for up to date info.

The main purpose of this second announcement is to tell everyone that we are increasing the time of our Tuesday and Thursday radio shows from 90 to 120 minutes very shortly and adding extra broadcast days as we are able with our schedules. The content of the shows will stay pretty much the same as it has been.. Media is a great way to reach many people with the Gospel and we plan to increase the media outreach in the coming months.. Also I wanted to mention that we are using our Vimeo channel as the main video outreach because You Tube keeps erasing views and info from our channel there. The video outreach is really doing well by the way and I thank those who are regular viewers.  Regulars will get alot of perks in the next year of ministry. Otherwise, not a whole of new info at this time. I am holding back some of the bigger things until closer to the time for them to occur. This time of consecration has served to assist me in the focus of the pursuit. God is birthing a strong prophetic word of revival in me that some will not receive and I need the strength of the Lord to stand firm and proclaim His message in these critical days. Thank you so much to the faithful among you who continue to follow the daily posts even in my personal absence. You are the caliber of folks we will be working with and desiring to work with.. Shalom and God bless and Keep you....
This is a pic of my newest preaching and study, research Bible. Its an Allan Blue Scottish Calfskin KJV and I love it very much... The Lord has sent some friends into my life that have blessed me with some wishlist items I have been wanting and I want to thank them so much..

New message video's will be posted soon here on this site so please, share them with friends and family. Sharing is so very important because it multiplies our Kingdom efforts.. I will catch you all later.. God bless...

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