Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday Feb. 26

Hello Dear Friends and Partners,
Tomorrow, Friday Feb. 27th , Angie and I will be in Grand Rapids MI in meetings all day as we gear up for this new season God has us in.. Looking forward to new connections and new churches opening up for meetings this year.
We are also looking very much forward to the Phillips, Craig, and Dean concert in Traverse City on March 6th. East Bay Calvary is the host church for this event.

We have been in prayer that God will pour out His Spirit and financial blessings upon all our partners lives in this season. Thank you all so much for the offerings that you are sending in which enable us to stay out there on the road and preach the good news in places that could not afford to have us come but because of your faithful giving we are able to go and bless these small congregations. I really believe that God will bring financial increase to you because of your helping this ministry. Its something that God put in my heart to tell you this week.. God bless you all so much..

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