Saturday, February 14, 2015

New Associations For The Ministry: 2015 and Beyond

PRAISE THE LORD SAINTS.......... Here is our Feb. 2015 Ministry update.........

As we approach this brand new season in God, we are reaching out and diversifying alot in ministry. As most of you know we wholeheartedly support Thomas Road Baptist Church and Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.... The Lord blesses us in being able to visit there several times each year.

We also started as Partner Strike force members of Perry Stone's ministry. Perry always brings a timely word and has a real heart for all aspects of ministry. More on this later............

This next announcement we are really excited about... God has instructed us to begin supporting a particular ministry couple in Scotland.. Preaching Christ in this land of the reformation. Here is some info about them:

Dennis and Vanna Tanner

Currently serving as pastor of the Elgin Community Church of God and national administrative bishop, Dennis and Vanna Tanner have seen spiritual and numerical growth as they minister throughout Scotland, a country of 5.1 million people. The couple recently initiated a countrywide chaplaincy program, as well as an educational and training department, serving 250 Church of God members and nine churches.
Dennis is ordained with the Church of God and holds a Master of Arts degree in intercultural ministry from the Assemblies of God Graduate School. In the spring of 1995, his first wife, Elaine, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of bone cancer. After four years of battling infection, Elaine went to be with the Lord on December 1, 1999. Later, Dennis met Vanna, who shared his burden for evangelism and ministry, and they were married.
In 2002, Church of God World Missions appointed Dennis and Vanna as urban ministries coordinators to Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg, where they helped establish five African churches, three Arabic language churches, one Brazilian church, and a Polish church. While assigned to the region, they also began a ministry to refugees and displaced persons in Antwerp, Belgium, and established the International Learning Center in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
With their appointment to Scotland, the Tanners encourage, inspire, train, and develop pastors and Christian leaders. Vanna also serves as women’s ministries director and administrator for the national office. They are currently raising funds to purchase a large multi-room office and church conference center in Elgin, Scotland.


 We are also adding Prison Fellowship to our growing family of Ministries..............

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