Monday, October 23, 2017

Virginia Summary #2

Every single time we visit and minister in Rockbridge County Virginia, God deals with me and speaks to my heart in such incredible ways. The connection with past generations brings Vision for future generations.

We were very blessed today by a third-year law student at Washington and Lee University who happens to live in general Paxton's first home Silverwood. He actually invited us inside and we got to explore this pre-Civil War home for the first time on this tour. The love affair with Lexington VA continues.... a thought God has had in my spirit all day is: The peace of God that you and I as believers can walk in is so much more than us controlling our panic..... The peace of God is a quiet heart!!

Virginia is an American history icon. Our country began here in 1607, and it's no surprise that the Old Dominion has more than its share of historic and historical sites, exhibits, monuments and legendary personas. Each has its own unique story, and nearly all have a friendly Virginia face to share their passion for the tale.
From the rivers of John Smith's explorations to the wilderness of the early westward pioneers, you'll find interesting diversions across the state. And for the casual browser or the serious history buff, the lone seeker or the family of enthusiasts, visitors will likely never exhaust the historical experiences available in Virginia.

One of my upcoming messages will be on "Reclaiming Americas Hero's" and it was totally inspired by this Oct 2017 Tour....

We are looking forward to guiding many more tours in 2018.  This year, 2017, was the most ever done in a single year. I want to invite any of you to come along on a tour very soon.. they are alot of fun and God always gives a word... We also have been praying with many people on these tours. For salvation and other issues as well.....

Please pray this week for the nearly 20 (17 by personal work) souls that came to Christ throughout our trip to Virginia.. We are putting a renewed emphasis on Personal soul winning because:
Every person you meet will either be saved or perish.
People of the world will perish without Jesus Christ.[Rom 6:23]
But God is not willing that any should perish. [1 Tim. 2:4 ; 2 Pet. 3:9]
Soul-winning should be the focus of every believer. There should be no lack of urgency to reach others and yet, we live in a selfish, narcisstic, “I” centered society. Someone once said that if we really believed in the horror and pain of a fiery, devils hell, then we would crawl across broken glass to tell one poor, lost soul about Jesus–who [Jesus] is the only way to escape an eternity in the awful place called hell.
Soul winners are wise. [Prov. 11:30]
Soul winners are partners with the Lord. [2 Cor. 6:1]
Soul winners will shine brightly. [Daniel 12:3]
Soul winners are happy people. [Psalm 126:5-6]
Soul winners cover a multitude of sins. [James 5:19-20]
Jesus Christ commanded all Christians to go and make disciples.[Matt.28:19-20] Jesus love for me and my love for Him compels me to be a soul-winner.[John 14:15, 21]
It is written in the Jewish Talmud that God has said ” In every place where you find the imprint of men’s feet, there am I.”
” For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” [John 3:16]
God bless you all..

Plus we just have alot of fun hiking and exploring in the Blue Ridge Mountains.... 
Hope to see you there soon........

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