Monday, October 16, 2017

Virginia Summary #1

From touching down at Silverwood to prayer at the Paxton House,Refuel, and 4 tour groups at historic locations.. we are in the closing hours of our adventure in Rockbridge county.. This time we found and hiked on actual property holdings of my 5th great grandfather in 1740... We hiked across the South River in the mountains on a rickety bridge that swayed like crazy..😜.. Did a sit down telecast on a train car at the Paxton House and several others over the week.. led 15 people to Jesus and more that were really touched by God during tours, taping, and conversation... One of our new stops this time was Old City Cemetary in Lynchburg......a pretty amazing week... I hope you join me on October 19 for the live radio program. New music, special guests, and I will be preaching on Activating Grace which I preached on one of the telecasts here in VA also. God bless you all my friends. You are very special to me. Next year has already been filling up fast so I hope many of you will join us somewhere along the way.. keep looking up!! win someone to Jesus.. and always rejoice in God your savior!! Heading to the Liberty University homecoming football game in a couple hours.. love and peace in Christ..

We have had an absolutely powerful week.. great way to close it out! Charles is back for morning Worship.. The more I learn to understand the Grace I need to walk with Jesus the more I learn to be an agent of Grace in the lives of others.. The enemy may bring accusations and speak death but thanks be to God we are called and empowered as Christ Followers to speak Life and be agents of grace and reconciliation to a hurting, lost world!! Powerful stuff this morning!! After the 9:15 service we start our drive back to Michigan.. halfway today; finish tomorrow. Don't forget to tune in Thursday night at 7 if you can. Angie will post a link.. Shalom!!

The most precious moment at Refuel 17 for me was walking out to the gazebo after lunch to stretch a bit and see this young man sitting there. He was not a part of the conference; he was a worker on a food truck. Very nervous and confused as to what was going on his heart was revealed by the Lord. He was looking for 3 things; Love, Forgiveness, and Jesus.. after sharing the Gospel with him for about 20 minutes he asked me to pray with him to receive Christ!! This was a humbling moment and God told me to encourage you: Put yourself out there.. be available and discerning and God will use you in this Harvest. Don't be afraid, don't let shyness or fear of rejection stop what the Holy Spirit wants to do with you.. God has all of us on earth for such a time as this.. I will talk more about this from Rockbridge over the next few days. Angie took this picture so we will remember our new friend and brother and also to remember that today, this day, Satan lost another one. It's all about Jesus and Eternal life... that's why we do what we do!! God bless you my friends!! Win one!!

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