Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Angie and I are super excited about all that God is doing in the ministry at this time. A short time ago, I began to make a plea for a minimum of 500 people who will commit to praying for us and this ministry on a consistent and daily basis. At this time over 100 have committed to do so with more being added daily. As well, I asked the people, if they have received blessing from this ministry, to commit to giving a offering Every month this year to help cover our vast expansion cost , to which a goodly number has also responded... We are most thankful for the favor God has been showing to us as it regards these particulars.

The anointing to preach is resting heavily upon me and I think you will be greatly encouraged by the new messages as we release them to the general public throughout the year. God has given us a specific word for American Christians in this hour and we ask that you keep us always in your prayers. The devil attacks and fights what we are doing because Jesus is changing so many lives! Bondages are being broken in all who choose to be free!

You have my word that as long as I have breath in my body I will continue to boldly proclaim what Thus Saith The Lord even in the face of increasing persecution.. At the present time, we have meetings booked for MI, Ohio, Kansas, PA, Virginia, TN, Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky... I will post all dates as it draws near to each particular event. More are being added yet this year and we hope to get to a town near You! We are scheduling very tightly and most of the time will not have the time to travel away from the actual town where we are holding the meeting at that particular time so Let me encourage you to come to where the meeting is even if you have to drive a little bit...  It will be well worth your while to do so, I assure you!  We are going to be doing less music events and tons more preaching events this year and for the forseeable future. Even our radio format will be changing as we desire to air more and more preaching and teaching. Time is short and we need the Word of God as never before!

We are enjoying our partnership giving to several ministries and in sowing into them we are also believing God for an increase of anointing in our own ministry! One of our main partnerships is with Perry Stone and also T.L. Lowery and Lester Sumralls legacy.  Also we partner with Liberty University, Lee University, A Church of God missionary couple in Scotland, and several Church Of God (Cleveland, TN) churches around the world. We also partner with World Challenge (the legacy of David Wilkerson) and Times Square Church.. God is confirming His approval with signs and wonders following! We are totally pumped at what the Lord is doing.

So as I close this brief update please keep us in prayer and also, please prayerfully consider becoming a monthly giving partner with this ministry. We would appreciate your help and support so very very much. Keep watching for new messages and material and I will see you all a little farther on up the road... Be blessed,
Len Paxton

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