Monday, March 23, 2015

Prayer Team Update

Hey Friends and Prayer Team Members,

The first mandatory class is almost ready to be sent to you. Man I am so blessed to have 137 people right now standing in prayer for this ministry and also needs that we will be passing on to you via letter and email. You may remember that I asked for a minimum of 500 prayer team members to come on board as we prepare to launch a Prayer Storm into the heavens. We are well on our way to meeting that number..

Please be watching for the announcements on the mandatory classes and also for special live radio shows that will be designed for our Prayer Storm Team.  Guys this is serious business and I am honored that so many are dedicating themselves to this effort.. This is real ministry. You may never be seen or patted on the back but God see's and He approves! We have designed the material strictly with you in mind and there will only be a limited amount produced so please respond asap to the class announcements. In order to receive the exclusive prayer team benefits you must complete the courses.

Also, I want to express my appreciation and thanks to all the financial partners who support this ministry on a regular, monthly basis. So far, as it regards the extreme need we face for summer missions budget, only about 37% of the pledges have come in. I am asking the Lord to deal with those who pledged and round it up by Mid_April. Thanks so much for your faithfulness. This also is true ministry.. Everyone is not called and anointed to go but everyone can be an anointed sender.... Everywhere we Go God confirms His anointing on this ministry by giving us Supernatural results... So again, With all my heart, Thank you for sending us....

Catch ya'll later and remember,
Keep Looking Up.......


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