Friday, March 13, 2020

Update On Michigan Corona Virus relating To Our Ministry

Many churches in Michigan are cancelling their services for the next 3-4 weeks at this point. There are 12 confirmed cases with hundreds more people being "observed and monitored", Many are awaiting tests and many awaiting test results. Please Do Not Panic. Do what they ask you to do and walk in Faith.. God is still in control! The Blood of Jesus has never lost its Power! Can I get an Amen !
Even though there are many postponed travel events for us until 10 April, all broadcasting and Bible distribution Will Continue as normal and we will be doing some live streams for those who actively listen and watch our programs.
We are taking special care of Angie as she has Lupus and I also have developed low grade diabetes. We have not been exposed and are simply taking extra precaution as the Government recommends.

Psalm 91 is a great booster shot..
Angie and I will be streaming our friends at TSC and Harvest Riverside this Sunday ( neither of these 2 great churches are gathering either but are streaming services) with a small handful of friends that have not been sick or traveled.
God will see us all through this trying time and everything will be OK.. God bless you all my friends..

Friends most of our most detailed posts and links are on Twitter these days. Please follow me there @pastorlen.

We will also be participating in the Day of Prayer against Corona Virus on Sunday by meeting together with a small group of other Watchman Pastors. Please join in on this day, all across our world.

I will be Very Busy this weekend as we prepare for small prayer meetings and live streams. Please feel free to always send any prayer requests to my email, Don't use messenger, I wont see it.The exciting thing about all that’s happening around the world is we are that much closer to Jesus returning. Don’t fear neither hide your head in the sand. Allow God to show you how to redeem the time. Stay informed and walk in faith.  

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