Friday, December 29, 2017

Partnership 2018

Praise God everyone.... We are so Thankful for the many Partners God has given us... Originally it was our plan to develop different levels of Partnership but we have not done that yet and will not throughout 2018. What we do is send a thank you gift of teaching CDs for each months gifts that are $25 or more... and those sowing $50 -$100 per month also receive some books as well throughout the year.. Below $25 monthly or one time givers we extend our heartfelt thanks for helping us reach souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ... In 2017, our Broadcasts were received in over 53 Nations of the world , we took in several thousands of prayer requests and had 512 testimonies of Salvation between the programming and revival services in churches.. We were also able to put Bibles and other Christian Literature in the hands of many people including 3500 inmates of correctional institutions.. We help to stock Food Pantries and other worthwhile benevolence outreaches as well as give to the construction of several Youth Camps.. More detailed accounts of some events are posted on this site throughout the year... Also we share alot on FB and Twitter...... One word The Lord has been depositing in my heart for the new year is "No weapon formed against you will prosper." God wants to launch you into your destiny so do not allow yourself to be fashioned into a weapon against the destiny God has planned for you! Keep your heart pure and mind right.. Watch and Pray at all times.... Become quick to obey what God reveals......Remember, attitude determines altitude and when you walk in the Spirit..... The sky is the limit! I will be doing a few extra partner letters online from now on but now sure when they will start... Make sure we have all your emails... Most of our Partners have been with us for years and we had some new every year also.. We have never failed to see God meet every need of this ministry.... Whatever the Lord lays on your heart to give: we pray His richest blessings on you..... Together, we are going to have a great year..

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