Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Nuggets From My FaceBook..

As the intensity heats up and things look impossible in your life, you may not see it but you're close to your victory. In the Lions den, 12 inches away from the lions , came the sweetest sleep of the Prophets life... Don't give up. Never Lose Hope.. This may be the day God says Yes to the breakthrough of your life!!

The reason most atheists do not find God is the same reason most thieves do not find a police officer; they are not looking for Him! As our society becomes increasingly secular, more and more Americans have never heard the Gospel. This is the reason that we as the church must not major on motivational, self help messages... there is no eternal help in self... We must give this generation the Gospel of Jesus Christ... That He died to save them from their problem.. And their problem is not low self esteem, it is Sin...

Faith seldom plays it safe.. The Rock on which faith rests is Christ; the hinge on which faith swings is the Word of God! Obedience to the Word is the action of Faith.. In His presence is fullness of Joy and His presence is the result of active faith reaching out from a trembling heart.

If your heart is to make His name great, you will not be threatened by any other ministry because you understand that we are all on the same team. We’re part of each other. But if someone is ugly to you and you suspect jealousy, pray for them. If it’s within your power, try to heal the conflict, but if not, lay it at the Lord’s feet and don’t let it become a distraction to you. Do not stay at a low level because others are not where they want to be..Many in their search for their own significance try and take what God hasn't given them yet... All of this is Flesh and self.... This isn't about self glory; its about making HIS Name famous... (Len in his message Wednesday...) (these new messages came after an extended time of prayer and fasting and Holy Spirit is pulling no punches..)

Every single thing we receive from God we receive through faith.. As Dr Sumrall said in one of his lessons, "If I am willing to do the ridiculous (according to the world), then God is ready to do the supernatural!".... If you are concerned about what you look like to others God won't be able to freely flow supernatural blessing through you and out to others!!

The safest place for a believer to be right now is in the center of Gods will! How do we get there? By taking one step of obedience at a time; doing the things plainly revealed to us in the Word, and listening for the still small voice.. "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delights in his way!" Psalm 37:23..... A fruitful journey is not merely accomplishment but peace and delight in Him!! 

The Lord will turn our tests into testimonies!! You have heard that right? The older I get and the farther I go I am convinced He begins to do this when we come before Him with the "sacrifice of praise". So today, whatever we are facing and going through; don't focus on the problem ... See Him!! In all of His glory and power and praise Him for saving your soul.. Count your blessings and praise Him for His goodness to you.. Praise will raise!! He will lift you up drawing you close and your troubles will seem o so small.. Love you friends!! PRAISE THE LORD!!

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