Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Update Feb. 3

Pictured above with my posse in Topeka Kansas.. I went on weekly radio there in January 2016. For our friends in the greater Topeka area we are on Friday Mornings at 9am C S T ... More updates on that later..

We have had a snowy few weeks but that has not held us back or kept us down. In January I was able to make decrees of revival and teach on Intercession at River Run Fellowship in Cleveland Heights OH.  I believe with all my heart there is a shifting in the Spirit going on and Change is on the Horizon. We do so look forward to the day of the return of Jesus. Until He Comes, We continue to occupy.....  In these last days, Follow the Anointing.... Follow the Spirit.... It won't be hard to see...If You Stay focused.. ... Stay in the Word... Take God at His Word and don't add to it or take away from it..... He will show you who is who and what is what.. This is a great day. For the sake of the Kingdom we lay down our rights and follow only Him!

What you just came out of doesn't begin to compare to what you are going into. Your steadfastness is about to pay off. Get excited. Get ready. The winds are shifting in your direction. You are about to rebound and recover. It's finally arrived. The season of your greatest comeback is here....... Keep your eyes to the skies Redemption draweth near...
More updates soon to come..... Blessings!!

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