Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A New Year: A New Season

Hi Everyone,  Angie and I are so very excited about 2016!! I will be celebrating 35 years in the ministry and We have been married for 23 of those years doing this together.....

There will be a special event each month in addition to our regular ministry functions and starting next year, most all the posting will be done at THIS site right here.... We have felt for a very long time, the need to develop relationships based on face to face encounter and mutual walks rather than just the online version of relationships (both are important). So, while we recognize the importance of online communication, it will basically be directed here.  We will also use sites to share links from the material but over time are believing that most of you will glean from the material right here..

We are merging with several established ministries into Apostolic teams of sorts and are quite excited at this prospect. My goal for these years of my life is to pour myself out for Christ in connection and not isolated. We have been given by the Lord several who truly believe in our vision and desire to learn so the set up is there and I am ready. We have been sharing videos from several of the outreaches we will be connected to and shall continue to do that.  I am meeting just this week with Minister friends from Kansas, Virginia, and Ohio who are anxious to be involved in this season and the meetings have been awesome and productive.

We will be in Bath MI December 2 and 3 and this meeting will include prayer at the MI State Capitol..

To all who stand with us: we appreciate your support and all that you help us to accomplish in Jesus Name... One of our new priorities in 2016 is connecting with as many prayer groups across the country as we can and helping to start and equip as many new ones as we can! Prayer still changes things!! Prayer can still change You!! Prayer can change America!!
This along with our commitments to the  ministries of TRBC and Liberty will be a major thrust as we go along throughout the 35 yr celebration year.  We have already been able to start 2 prayer groups that will stay connected and there are several more in the wings. We are also praying about planting a church as well as supporting the several we already do that train local pastors..
I will try and post more updates very soon and tell you about the Jan 2016 special event also..
God bless you all today,

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