Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Carrollton Singing their new song!! "Open Wide"

This is our answer to those who try to judge us based on what we post on social media.... The pictures we post of events, what we preach.... or anything else for that matter..... We are praying for The Lord to Raise up Pastors with a shepards heart to help believers watch their mouth and teach them to not live on their emotions..... If you have been beat up by other believers including immature leaders, then this is dedicated to you..... Angie and I encourage all our social media followers to not support posts that pick at others, even in veiled ways... That in itself is deceptive and causes a ministry leader to be sub standard.. Just don't hit like on those posts.. Don't support ministries with leaders who are unstable and judge peoples motives... Preaching the Word strong and true is something We Should do.... but never follow those who twist the word and aim that twisted version at others.... We are so very serious about this... Take a stand on truth YES..... But dont get personal or critical about how many pictures someone posts on their page or judge what they are doing for the Lord as if they were not really... That is DEMONIC.... Mind your own business and start to grow up in the Lord... Dont stay backslidden... Jesus wants to restore you...... More on this coming in messages soon........

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