Sunday, September 27, 2015

Update Sept 27

Read the book of Acts and get ready!! Ready for revival.. Ready for fresh miracles.. Ready for Persecution !! All who live Godly in Christ WILL suffer persecution... 2 Timothy 3:12!! There will be two streams flowing side by side.. Glory and darkness.. God is gathering His harvest and the days appointed are numbered. Look to Christ not government of man for your hope! Jesus Rules!

2/3 of the worlds Christians live in dangerous, dangerous places where they daily are faced with persecution... Many do not even possess a complete Bible....Yet, they are deeply consecrated and each year about 8 to 10 Thousand are martyred around the world.....How must Almighty God look at a people with more Bibles, more freedom, more open and established Churches, and still they live unconsecrated lives with rebellious hearts and attitudes independent of Christ? Wake up church in America... Repent and draw close to the Lord; smite the ites that are harassing you with the sword of the Spirit; consecrate your hearts..... We are in for a ride...

While preparing for the return of the Bridegroom, the church is about to undergo a major transformation as God restores true Apostolic authority in the Body of Christ!! There will be a major shaking, foolishness will be cast aside in favor of truth. Guard your heart against offense to remain useable and trust His plan.. No turning back now. God Speed!!

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