Sunday, January 17, 2016

War Room: My Very Favorite Movie

In my humble opinion, War Room is one of the greatest Christian films of all-time!
Far too many Christians fight the wrong enemies and in the wrong way. This movie sheds light on the true subject of Spiritual warfare, Forgiveness, and Prayer. Angie and I own our copy and have so far watched the movie 3 times (as of this writing)....

Sadly many believers always forgive with rationalization rather than taking Jesus commands to Love your enemies, Turn the other cheek, do good to those who persecute you, etc.... LITERALLY...There is a supernatural power in doing the words of Jesus that the real enemy; satan, can never overcome.. I maintain that an aweful lot of sermons on forgiveness are just plain wrong.... Also, the only way our Nation can be changed is as Gods people PRAY for the Nation.. Prayer is the key to every Christian advance and growth... We highly recommend this movie.. By taking things in our lives to the Lord in Prayer, the Biblical way, we will see tremendous results..  Yes, this film is worth 100 times the purchase price!!  It will encourage you to pray, to win, in Jesus Name....

Throughout the remainder of the year, from time to time, I will be preaching on these issues in addition to my messages on prayer.. Please, Get the movie, Watch the Movie, search your Bible and your heart..... God is raising up a Championship team to send into the Harvest.......

Because of the impact this film has had on my life, I have joined Pastors Prayer Team and Watchman Pastors, both groups are linked on the right of this blog. I urge you today to get involved in a prayer ministry. (More on this coming later)..

None of us are perfect and we need to maintain a prayer cover for each other AND connected to each other.. 2016 will be a great year for true accountability and community in the Body Of Christ... God is doing some amazing things and each is directly connected to community.. Angie and I have merged many of our outreaches with several others who are flowing with us in this direction. Again, I will be talking much about these things in upcoming posts.

But for now, I want to share this movie and tell you its a great investment and in many ways will bring you into a freedom as never before.. Please consider securing yourself a copy asap..
God bless you,

Truly one of the greatest films ever introduced to the Body Of Christ......

You need not spend another day losing the battle as a Christian... Your answer, your victory, is just a Prayer Away!!

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