Sunday, November 15, 2015

Partnerships in Place for 2016

We were very honored today to become partners with Dutch Sheets Ministries.. This partnership flows right along with what I will be preaching on Revival and history.. I like this ministry because they do not play games and are not rude.  The book by Dutch on Appeal To Heaven has had a major impact already on my thinking and my ministry..
We also made a new year pledge to the Partnership with Perry Stone Ministries as well... We are believing God for Revival as never before and along with our Partnerships with the ministries of TRBC (Liberty Church Network,Gleaning for the World, Liberty Godparent Home, etc..), this rounds out our major partnerships for 2016.. There are a few other ministries we give to regularly at lesser scales.
Most of our extra giving will be shaped around building strong and solid Local Churches........ Blessings, Len

We are getting very excited about a brand new season... God has been birthing a word in season in our hearts and to follow most of the up to the minute info of the ministry please follow Len on Twitter @pastorlen .. The 35th year events begin in January and we plan on giving away a lot of neat things next year to help in peoples spiritual lives. Today, we taped a devotional called The Moth and The Cockroach... that will be posted on the connect site soon.. It deals with the reaction people have to the light of truth based on the nature within them. This is taken from a full length message soon to air on radio. We really both appreciate the blessing of being on Christopher Tanner's radio program last Friday and look forward to combining efforts many times with our friends in Topeka. Next week Len will do a couple book promo's on the connect site so please be watching for that... Craig Groeschel's new book ‪#‎struggles‬; Following Jesus in A Selfie-Centered World.. dealing with the struggles of an internet world... This is a powerful read! In Fact we are drawing names from the past 2 weeks on Lens posts to give away a free copy of this life changing and liberating book... I'm not sure what the other book will be yet..Hope you all had a great Lord's day and we have a huge shout out for all who have been dropping by Lens page as I am posting on it... We appreciate the way you share and care... Everyone can continue to send prayer requests to bless.,  Angie

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