Saturday, March 10, 2018

God's Gonna Cut You Down (A Johnny Cash Cover)

I had alot of fun yesterday practicing for a Johnny Cash tribute set I am planning to do up on Boot Hill in Tombstone Arizona next year. It will be a part of two different preaching tours; "Roots And Reflections" and also, "To The Desert".. I don't sing real well but I do make a Joyful noise unto the Lord. LOL.. Here is what I said on my InstaGram promo, "We are going to have so much fun taping TV in the Arizona Desert Next year. I am working on getting my Grandfathers 1927 Martin guitar playable so I can do something I have not done since my early 20's. I will be doing a 20 minute Tribute set to Johnny Cash up on Boot Hill in Tombstone AZ. I used to do a Johnny Cash imitation and though my voice is rough and cracked from 37 years of Preaching I'm about to do it again. Hey, even if it does not even remotely sound like Johnny, It will be alot of fun. Most of the set will be gospel and a a couple tunes tribute to the Gunfighters and cowboys in addition. So always remember my friends, Old gunfighters never really die...... They just smell like the Black Powder smoke.....

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